2 October 2021 | View in Browser
Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Update for Residents and Families

Dear Resident Family Member,

RE: COVID-19 Outbreak Update for Residents and Families: Calvary Haydon Retirement Community

Further to our update earlier today, we want to inform residents and families that at the time of writing, the number of confirmed positive cases remains the same: eleven (11) residents and four (4) members of staff. 

With the assistance of ACT Health, all residents and staff were retested again on site this morning and we expect to have the results of this testing by tomorrow.

In the instance a resident returns a positive COVID-19 test, the resident, their family and doctor will be contacted directly by the facility and provided with an update on current health and wellbeing.

The retesting of residents and staff will continue at intervals as advised by the ACT Public Health Unit.

Residents have had to remain confined to their rooms to ensure minimal risk of infection.  We understand that isolation is difficult for our residents and we will continue to work closely with the PHU to minimise their isolation as soon as it is safe to do so.

We continue to support residents and their families with a Webex video call service to facilitate contact between residents and families. To arrange a booking please call (02) 6264 7538.

We will continue to contact the listed person responsible for each resident by phone on a daily basis and email an update with any developments. You can help us to ease anxiety by please sharing this information with other family and friends.

For more information, including regular Situation Updates and a suite of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, please continue to visit www.calvarycoronavirusupdates.org.au

As the situation evolves at Calvary Haydon, please be assured that our dedicated staff are working hard to keep all residents safe from infection. Our staff are trained in strict infection prevention and control protocols and are providing care while wearing the appropriate PPE at all times.

Thank you for your continued patience at this challenging time. We are grateful that families are working with us so generously to ensure the safety of your loved ones in our care.


Martin Bowles, National CEO

Barb Reid, Regional CEO - ACT