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Friend of Hobblebush,

National Poetry Month is here, and we want to know who some of your favorite poets are. Send us an email or post on Facebook to share your favorite poets and poetry books!

We recently refurbished our website! Browsing the online bookstore should be easier than ever now, so take a look around . . .

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Made in New Hampshire Expo last weekend—we had a lot of fun talking to folks and meeting other New Hampshire businesses!

Book of the Year Awards Finalist!

This is quite timely:
Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry by B. Eugene McCarthy and Fran Quinn has been chosen as a finalist for ForeWord Reviews' 16th Annual Book of the Year Awards. We are thrilled!

If you haven't read it yet, now is a great time—you can purchase Sound Ideas on our website for just $16.00 through April (regular $18.95)!

Sunday Granite State Authors Series

The Great Room at LaBelle Winery

If you haven't made it yet to our Sunday Granite State Authors Series at LaBelle Winery, there's still plenty of time!

On May 4, Sidney Hall Jr., president of Hobblebush Books, will discuss and answer questions about book design and publishing. He will also read from Small Town Tales, his book about small-town America in the 50s and 60s, and his eccentric family. Wine and cheese samples will be served during the reception. This event is free and open to all, but it helps us if you can RSVP.

Books and Caramels

by Sidney Hall Jr.

This past weekend, we hung out our shingle at the Made in NH Expo, an event that attracts thousands of visitors. Our brightly-colored table stood next to a caramel manufacturer that offered free samples. We watched people's eyes refocus as they approached us and got in line for the caramels next door.

We wondered how we could compete. Should we put out little cups with a few tempting words in them? People stopped at our table and were curious and terrific. We sold books. But we couldn't help wondering whether the joy of owning books is still the same these days. The number of proud bookowners has dwindled in an age of other media and other distractions.

Personally, I have so many books insulating my house that I know I will never be able to read them all. But what joy they bring, just being there! The thought that the right words are lingering, lying in wait to comfort me just when I need them, is endlessly satisfying. I feel a pride of possession like with no other object.

Why wouldn't everyone want to have hundreds or even thousands of books in their house? And give them away to friends when they need room for more? It seems almost a primal pleasure to be surrounded by books.

Media come and go, and it's fine that they do. I predict that books will outlast them all. The joy of owning a book is greater than the joy of melting a caramel in your mouth. It's a joy that will last. I do recommend those caramels next door though.


Holly, too, seems comforted by the presence of books.