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Glow Ministries

This fall we will be starting the Glow Ministry here at PMC and we are looking for Glow leaders. Glow is an easy, effective ministry that anyone can take part in. Yes, anyone! The Glow Ministry is all about small, pick me up tracts that deal with the felt needs of people, like Peace, Where is God in Pain?, Health, The Law, The Sabbath, and more! These small tracts can be given to the cashier as you check out in the store or left with your tip and receipt at restaurants. If you are a quiet and shy person, this ministry is great for you; it doesn’t require you to talk to anyone! 

Amazing things have happened with these small tracts. A Burger King employee was given a Glow tract at the drive through, she read it and felt that it spoke to her brokenness. She requested Bible studies though the number on the back and was baptized a few months following. One man found a tract on the Sabbath in his home from a canvasser that he had turned away. Something pulled him to read it and he felt convicted. He was baptized shortly after at his local church. Glow Ministry is about giving light to our world. We are looking for two leaders; an Andrew's student and PMC church member.

If you are interested in becoming a leader for this ministry or would like more information on this position, please contact Tabitha Umali at:

by Tabitha Umali, Bible Worker Coordinator


New Student Welcome Lunch 

This year you have the opportunity to extend a warm PMC welcome to our new University Students by providing them a meal and fellowship after second service on August 22. To feed 10 to 12 people, each family is asked to bring a complete meal of:

1.       Lasagna or a pasta dish (vegetarian or vegan)

2.      Salad

3.      Rolls or garlic bread  

Two or three friends can also band together and help provide this complete meal.  Drink and dessert will be provided. You will be sharing the meal with your family and several college students. To confirm your participation in this special hospitality ministry please email or call 471-3150.

by Sherrie Davis, Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor


How to "Trump" Your New Year

The meteoric rise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has flummoxed the talking heads of the news media. How could this brash entrepreneurial business tycoon be attracting such “If the election were held today I’d vote for him” kind of support? After all, politics in America isn’t a television reality show . . . is it?

But for new students at Andrews University, perhaps there are a few lessons tucked away in Trump’s quest for the Whitehouse, lessons for your own pursuit of that “impossible dream” . . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor

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