Framework Decisions Expert Meeting Presentations now online!

33 participants from 17 countries gathered in Brussels, Belgium for the 4th edition of the Framework Decisions Expert Meeting on the 25th of September 2018. The meeting was organised to support and promote the implementation of the Framework Decisions throughout Europe and make recommendations/actions on how to enhance the implementation. The meeting was kindly hosted by Maisons de Justice, the probation service for the French speaking part of Belgium.

Since the last Expert Meeting in September 2017, CEP has worked hard on the actions that were agreed upon during this meeting. A questionnaire was send out and an analysis was made. CEP also produced a leaflet for the offenders, an informative guideline for probation officers and an animation video about the framework decisions on probation. These were presented during the meeting by CEP Policy Officer Maria Lindström. These are all preliminary versions of the materials. After the meeting, the participants are given the chance to suggest improvements.

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New system maps available: Slovakia, Sweden and Denmark!

To understand the ways in which different European jurisdictions arrange and deliver the case management of accused persons and convicted offenders within correctional systems, the CEP has created case management system maps.

We recently added new system maps to the collection: Slovakia, Sweden and Denmark!

You can find the new system maps and all the others on the CEP website. 

Probationer abroad? What to do? CEP Framework Decisions Informative materials

“How do we make the framework decisions easy to understand for every probation officer?” is what we wanted to know? During the Framework Decisions Expert Meeting in September 2017, we asked the participants for ideas. The outcome? An informative flyer for the offenders, a simple guideline for probation officers and an animation movie.

Please note that we asked the participants of the Framework Decisions Expert Meeting in September 2018 for feedback on the documents. This means the documents shown below are preliminary editions.

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Beyond Surrender: Fair Trials puts human rights on the agenda of the European Arrest Warrant

This article is written by Ralph Bunch, Regional Director Europe of Fair Trials. Fair Trials highlights the urgent need for pre-trial detention reform in order to address human rights concerns in the operation of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and ensure implementation of the European Supervision Order (ESO).

In June 2018, Fair Trials released it’s latest report into the operation of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), Beyond Surrender: Putting Human Rights at the Heart of the European Arrest Warrant. This report presented the findings of a two-year research project conducted by Fair Trials and partners in Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Romania that sought to place the operation of the EAW in the context of the people against whom it has been used. A short documentary film was released accompanying the report.

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