Week 8 - Term 2

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Last night 150 brave students and staff embraced the challenge of experiencing homelessness for a night. We did this in conjunction with Mrs Rey who was participating in the Canberra CEO Sleepout. Maria Stark, the Gungahlin Conference Leader for St Vincent de Paul spoke to the students about homelessness in the ACT. She challenged our ideas and perceptions of homelessness, providing interesting statistics about the current situation for homeless people, particularly in Canberra. Her knowledge, help and advice was invaluable and appreciated.


The students of the Social Justice Committee organised a trivia activity, dodgeball and board games. After the activities, students took their boxes and cardboard and began to set up camp. All students experienced the extreme conditions (-3 degrees) faced by homeless people on a nightly basis and showed great determination. Well done to all!


Family members of participants came and shared a warm and delicious breakfast served by our fantastic team from the JPC canteen and Food Tech staff.


We would like to thank the Social Justice Committee for all their hard work in planning this event. A special thank you goes to Storage King in Mitchell and Belconnen for their generous donation of over 150 big moving boxes and cardboard for the students to sleep in. This is the fourth year they have come on board and it is great to see the community working together for such a worthwhile cause.


The students raised money for the St Vincent de Paul Society which contributed towards Mrs Rey’s CEO Sleep-out tally of currently over $10,440. Donations can still be made at

In the past three years we have raised over $10,000 each year.

Miss Teena Zorzi

JPC Community Fights the Hunger for Refugees


2019 Act for Peace Ration Challenge

This week is Refugee Week, a week where Australia recognises the contribution of refugees, and highlights the many challenges they face in our world. The first Refugee Week events were organised in Sydney in 1986. The Refugee Council of Australian took on responsibility for the national coordination of a week recognising the contribution of refugees, and it became officially identified around Australia as an annual event in 1988. The dream of the Refugee Council of Australia was to create a global annual celebration of the contribution of refugees. This dream was achieved in 2001, when the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees coordinated the first World Refugee Day, and this day is now recognised on June 20 each year.


As part of our ongoing commitment to encourage our students to put their faith into action, JPC once again participated in the Act for Peace Ration Challenge this year. To demonstrate our solidarity with the world’s 25 million refugees, our team made a choice to live on the refugee rations typically provided in camps throughout Syria and Jordan. For a period of 3-7 days, team members prepared simple meals based only on the contents of their individual boxes. This is no mean feat, and there were many obstacles to surviving the challenge from forgetting to soak chick peas, to overcooking rice; not to mention the lack of variety, and limited quantities of food.


It is a credit to this year’s team that they have managed to raise an astounding $9,190.00 to date. This well and truly exceeded our goal of $5000, and shows the generosity of the community in supporting this significant social justice event. Here’s some insight into why they did it!


Bronte Froome – Leader of Justice, Year 12

I am participating in the 2019 ration challenge to not only challenge myself but to also really raise awareness on the more unheard-of life of refugees. Often, the Australian media pays special attention to the negative impacts of refugees on society, and the struggles of the individual and families on the search for refuge. I wanted to focus on the lives in the refugee camps and the continuing mistreatment of refugees. We often take for granted what we have on our doorstep and the close access we have to life’s necessities. Through my participation in the ration challenge, I have learnt just that, how much I take what I have for granted and just how great chocolate does taste. I would recommend the ration challenge to anyone wanting to really push themselves.

Mrs. Mordike – Support Staff

I’m doing this because it is a direct action I can do to help refugees. I have become much more conscious of what I am eating, and I have noticed just how much I usually snack during the day – a cracker here, a piece of fruit there, a grape or two from the fridge – and also just how many cups of tea I usually drink! A Quaker lady I met last weekend said she is doing the ration challenge as part of living simply. I really like this, and I have been thinking on how I can live more simply as I cook the very simple meals. “Live simply, so that others may simply live”. I made the flatbreads last night – YUMMO! They remind me of damper on the fire when camping.


Mrs. Edghill – Teaching staff

This is my 4th year of the Ration Challenge, and it feels like the toughest year. The monotony of the limited ingredients, the lack of caffeine, and the lack of flavor really gets to you after a few days. But I’m doing the challenge again because my conscience compels me to ‘walk the walk’. I have the opportunity to teach about social justice, and to help my students to learn about the part they can play in creating a just world, but this makes it all feel more tangible. The empathy I feel for refugees during this challenge is hard to describe, but it comes from knowing that I have a choice to do this, and my week will end. For so many of the world’s refugees, those options just don’t exist.


Thank you to the JPC community for their support, and to our amazing Ration Challengers for 2019:

  • Josh Backwell – Year 7
  • Rosie Campbell – Year 8
  • Justina Vijay – Year 9
  • Ivy Keating – Year 9
  • Nicholas Hannemann – Year 10
  • Audrey Litster – Year 10
  • Thomas Withers – Year 12
  • Sharee Mudaliar – Year 12
  • Bronte Froome – Year 12
  • Jarrod Koenig – Year 12
  • And our amazing staff – Mrs. Mordike, Mrs. Tually, Dr. Afghan, Mr. Bourke and Miss Mostyn

There is still time to sponsor the team, head to -


Mrs. Nicola Edghill
Leader of Learning and Wellbeing – Mission and Ministry

Arriving on time to School

Increasing numbers of students have been arriving late to school. Students are required to be at school before 8:55 am in order to ensure they are in PC for a 9am start.

The time spent in PC each morning is imperative for all students, as this is where messages are shared about the events of the day, where students receive permission notes, and information about College life is disseminated.

Missing out on this important PC time means your child may not be receiving significant information, but also means they are not starting the day in an organised and calm way. All families are asked to be conscious of the starting time for school and to encourage all students to make a conscious effort to get to school on time to start each day.


Thank you

Senior Key Dates

Please note the following Key Dates for students in Years 11 and 12.

Week 9, Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June, are assessment return days. Students need to attend their scheduled lesson for one cycle (one lesson of each subject; Period 1 Monday until Lunch on Tuesday). This is really important as this is the time to check the marking of exams and any other final assessment tasks and seek feedback and clarification.  There are 5 days to query the marking with teachers or faculty leaders.  Please raise any unresolved concerns with the relevant House Assistant Principal.

Week 9 Friday 28 June 1:30pm is the publication of final results for the semester. Students are expected to attend and sign off that they have viewed their final results. They will see the ranked lists (tertiary), including z-score and ranking in each subject/meshing group. If students have established a BSSS login, they will be able to access their personal results directly through the BSSS. Some students may be able to see preliminary results in the BSSS system. These results are not final and not appealable. The grade/score published on Friday 28/6 at 1:30pm is the final result to be considered. Students have 5 days in which to lodge any concern around final scores/grades. Any queries on scaled scores should be directed to Dr Cleary. Any concerns on final grades should be directed to the teacher or faculty leader, in the first instance.

Community Trivia Night

Your Leaders of Peace cordially invite you to JPC’s first ever community trivia night from 5:45 to 8:00 on the 27th of June! Wrap up the semester with a night of fun filled competition to aid our very own Mrs Rey’s Sleepout tally! so please bring your gold coins along!


To book and for more information visit
Be sure to register as a team!!


We look forward to seeing you then!

Maddie and Lochie

Do you want to help your children with managing their time and study skills?


Come and join other parents to discuss successful strategies that will help your child.


  • Improve your Academic Performance through your Study Skills and Time Management
  • Understand your employment options so you can create a plan
  • Future proof your career to meet the rapidly evolving job market

Guest Facilitator from - Elevate Education (NSW Client Services Manager)

Panel Members from - JPC Business Community representatives


Note: While this evening workshop is aimed at Year 10 students transitioning to our senior school, the evening is OPEN to parents from all year groups.


Date - 2 July 2019

Time - 5.30pm to 7.00pm

Tickets - available through eventbrite here

Please contact Ian Pettit if you would like further information.

Email -

New JPC Indigenous Cross

Our Indigenous Group met with Wendy Rix Thursday 20th June, to unveil our beautiful new JPC Indigenous Cross. Wendy hand-painted the cross in JPC colours as well as with the individual House colours and symbols. It is truly a work of art.
Wendy also collaborated with the students to design an artwork for our restaurant, using inspiration from our soon-to-be-built Indigenous bush tucker garden, at the front of the school.

Annie Daley
JPC Contact Teacher for Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Students

ARTS Up Front


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Year 9-10 Performing Art Students were provided with the opportunity to go to Sydney and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Capitol Theatre.


The day started off with us leaving school at 7:30am and embarking on our journey to Sydney. With a quick Macca’s stop along the way, we were well equipped to experience the wonders of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.


When we first arrived in Sydney, we headed to Hyde Park, where many of us went to Starbucks. We then walked to Capitol Theatre, and took our seats amongst the many other students from other schools who were there to support their school friend; who was, in fact playing the role of Charlie on the very stage in front of us!


The musical was great to watch; the stage truly came to life through the power of ‘pure imagination’, captivating us and immersing us within the experience.


The musical finished; we took photos using the provided props outside of the theatre, before making our way back to the bus to begin the long commute home.


On behalf of all the year 9/10 performing arts students, we’d like to thank Ms Mostyn and Ms Allan for supervising us and for making this day a memorable experience.


Georgie Genero and Margret Mupangure, Year 10

Extra Curricular Music Concert

In Week 9 this term on the 26th of June, Performing Arts will be holding a Extra Curricular Music Concert. This concert will feature many of our students who are involved with Private Instrumental Tuition and Extra Curricular Bands. This will be showcase of the fantastic talent we have at our schools and a display of all the hard work our students have put in from the beginning of the year.

Please come along and enjoy 5.30pm - 7.45pm.


Light refreshments will be served from our fantastic hospitality team at intermission.


Kind Regards

Aron Lyon
Head of Co-Curricular Music

Performing Arts Program

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Have you every thought of a career in the performing arts? A touring musician, music teacher, session musician or maybe even scoring music for major movies and television….

You have to start somewhere! Take the first step and get involved with our performing arts program at St John Paul II College. We have the finest tutors to help you reach your goals, tutoring bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, piano, strings, brass, woodwind and drums. We also offer many opportunities with our Extra-Curricular ensembles including rock band, unplugged (acoustic groups), choir, concert band and jazz band to name a few. If you’re interested, please follow the link below. We are now taking enrolments for Term 3.

Sports News


Well done & Good Luck

Congratulation to Tilly Bean, Olenka Moran and Alison Francis (all year 9) who have been selected in the ACT U16 Women’s State Basketball Team.

Tilly has been selected as Captain and Olenka as Vice Captain and all three girls will head to Darwin on 4 July to compete in the National Championships. 

A huge and exciting achievement for the girls.

Well Done Sienna!

Congratulations to Sienna Gerstenberg (year 7) who participated in the Australian Little League Championships for ACT. She was 1 of only 6 girls in the entire comp!

Didgeriddo Making Workshop

We will be running a dideridoo making workshop for our indigenous students and would like to offer it to our non-indigenous students also.


It is a unique program designed to enrich and preserve our Australian heritage, while building self-esteem, identity and practical skills.

Participants are given an authentic termite hollowed 'blank' didgeridoo and through a guided process, create their own instrument in one day. All the tools and materials are provided, and at the end of the day, students get to keep their own, newly made didgeridoo. Equally important, the knowledge and experience are theirs to keep forever.


Designed to be Easy
Didge in a Day is designed to be easy for anyone from year 7 and above to participate successfully in.
No wood working skills are required, and all necessary specific training is provided on the day.
Cost per person is $195 fully inclusive and includes coaching, materials, tools, consumables and the didgeridoo.
Date: Term 2, Wednesday 24th July 2019.
Please Book through JPC office -
Payment can be made through Qkr.
** For Culturally sensitive reasons this is for Boys Only**
See girls program below

Painting Emu Callers

The Girls program will be run by Aunty Fran, a local indigenous lady and will be making and painting Emu Callers.


Cost: $50.00


For further information contact Annie Daley (Contact Teacher for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Students)

From the College Office

Extra-Curricular Music Program

Term 3 Payments Due

If your child is continuing with, or joining, our Extra-Curricular Music Program, in Term 3 could you please ensure that fees are paid prior to Term 3 commencing.


If your child no longer wishes to participate in the program could you kindly email


Thank you

2019 Catholic Schools Cultural Festival & Recongnition Awards

Attention Students


This year Catholic Education have expanded the Recognition Awards to incorporate the Catholic Schools Cultural Festival highlighting excellence in Catholic Education and recognising student achievement.


The Catholic Schools Cultural Festival highlights student achievement and excellence through a series of curriculum based competitions focused on Religious Education, Literacy, STEM and the Arts.


If you would like to have a go at one or more of the below competitions, go to the Catholic Education Website here


Good Luck!

Parish News

Please click on the Parish logo above to see the latest Parish Bulletin.

Community News

Trauma workshop -

Emotional workshop -
Challenging workshop -


As part of Merici College’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, a very special concert and fundraiser will be held on Friday 9 August and Saturday 10 August in the College Auditorium, Wise Street Braddon. The concert starts at 7.00pm (arrival and seating at 6.30pm) on both nights. Walk down memory lane as each decade is revisited through dance, music, drama performances, Alumni reflections and current students highlighting life at Merici College.


Tickets and refreshment packages available at All funds raised will be used to improve indoor and outdoor learning spaces for students.

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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