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Since the start of Term 4, our Year 11 students have been engaged in the process of discernment, nomination and election to our first Year 12 Leadership Team for 2018. After delivering thoughtful and inspiring speeches to our Year 10 and 11 students, we congratulate the following individuals who have been successful in being elected to the team:


Hugh Dawson
Cade Dunbar
Charlotte Foster
Annie Jenkins
Maximus Leskien
Rahgav Sharma
Damon van Putten
Emily Watt


These eight students have now met individually with a panel to discuss the specific roles they are interested in taking on for next year, and these will be announced at a special College assembly on Tuesday, 28 November in P4. We look forward to working with this exceptional group of senior students as they take on these significant roles.


This week marked the beginning of the transition of responsibility for House leadership from our current Year 10 House leaders, to our Year 9 students. For our Year 10 leaders, the end of their year as leaders was marked by their Leadership Reflection Afternoon on Monday. This was an opportunity for the team to come together to look back on their journey this year. They discussed and evaluated the work of the team, and considered ways to continue to develop the House leader roles. It was a great privilege to share this session with our Year 10 leaders and to hear their insightful reflections on their year of service to the community.


On Tuesday, 31 Year 9 students opted to take part in a Leadership Discernment Session. This was an afternoon of activities designed to encourage students to identify the qualities and attributes of leaders, to discuss with our current leaders the reality of wearing a badge in our community, and to discern their own ability to step into these roles. Once again, our Year 9 students showed an exceptional capacity for reflection and collaboration, responding to each task with enthusiasm and sincerity.


The next step for these Year 9 students is to complete their nomination forms and have them signed by their parents and House Coordinators. Forms are due back to school on Monday, 4 December. Students who have completed each step in the nomination process will then be placed on House ballots and we will hold our House elections on Wednesday, 6 December. Our 2018 House Leaders will be announced at the conclusion of our Christmas liturgy on Friday, 8 December.


We would like to extend our thanks to all of our leaders and leaders-in-waiting for the way they have continued to embrace leadership opportunities at JPC.


Mrs. Nicola Edghill and Mrs. Jennifer Tually

Social Justice Baking

On Wednesday, the Social Justice Group finished the year off with something a little more Christmas themed for the homeless people of Canberra. The students from years 7-10 participated in a session of baking where the students created various treats including gingerbread, snowflake, and vanilla cookies. After a few hours of baking, packaging of the treats began where the students also wrote cards to the homeless. Paris Thomson, in Year 7 drew a stunning Christmas image for the packages, and we would love to thank her for her contribution and help too.


According to 2011 census data, the ACT has the second largest amount of homeless people across all states and territories, and the students hope that the homeless will be able to enjoy the treats baked. Hopefully, these treats will allow this time to be a bit more joyful for the individuals that are without a home this holiday season as we approach Christmas.


The students of the Social Justices Group would love to thank Therese and Bryce from St Vincent de Paul for their assistance with the delivery of the Christmas treats and their continued contributions to our Social Justice Group. The group would also like to thank Ms. Zorzi and Mrs. Ganderton for organising this Christmas bake-off, and would also like to appreciate further the many events that they have planned this year. Both teachers have gone above and beyond in leading the Social Justice Group.


Stephen Sisavath-Norman
On behalf of the Social Justice Group



Jenna McCarthy (year 9 student in Van Thuan) and Sharon Robinson (Music Teacher in Van Thuan) are participating in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. The Shave will occur next Thursday 30th November at lunch time in the school hall. Students are to contribute a $5 donation if they wish to watch the shave take place. If you wish to contribute and make a donation please visit
The target is $2500.


Thank you very much for your generosity towards this great charity.

Christmas and Culture Combined

On Thursday the 24th of November, our Indigenous students of the College hosted 12 Indigenous students from Holy Spirit Primary School. Together they brought Christmas and culture together by decorating Christmas baubles and cards with symbols, colors and dot painting patterns that are special to them.

This was a meaningful way to start the end the year for our Indigenous students. The celebrations continued with a BBQ afternoon tea in the College restaurant where the students hosted their families, mentors and friends. This was a lovely way to share our stories and achievements from the 2017 school year.


Merry Christmas, safe holidays!


Kanberri 2017 group and Miss Elle Boller

Year 7 Religious Education

The Year 7 students have been completing a unit called The Life and Times of Jesus. As a part of this unit we have explored the cultural and political climate of 1st Century Palestine, what daily life for Jewish people would have been like and this week, some of the key festivals and celebrations of the Jewish community. Chanukah is an important holiday on the Jewish calendar often called the Festival of Lights. It celebrates a small group of Jews who reclaimed the second century Temple of Jerusalem. They kept the Temple Menorah alight for eight days with only one day’s worth of olive oil- this is the miracle celebrated during the eight days of Chanukah which starts on the 12th December.

To immerse ourselves in this celebration students made customary Dreidels (Yiddish for spinning top) and played, whilst they shared a feast of traditional jelly doughnuts and latkes (potato pancakes).

A great time was had by all!


Year 7 Team

Music drawing to a close for 2017

Thank you to all students who have participated in the extra-curricular music programs this year. It has been amazing to watch the progress made by all students through rehearsals and performances.

Final band rehearsals and instrumental lessons will be held in Week 8. There will be no band rehearsals or instrumental lessons in Week 9.

Hired an instrument from JPC?
All students who have hired an instrument from the school need to return them to the band room by the end of Week 8 (Friday 1 December). Thank you.

Any queries, feel free to get in touch. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas-time.

Sharon Robinson and Aron Lyon

Sports Wrap

‘Thirteen  Cheerleaders will be attending AASCF Nationals in Melbourne this Friday 24th November to represent JPC in Australia’s largest Cheer and Dance competition of the year. The Competition runs from the 24th to 26th November with over 11,000 athletes performing.
They have been working hard with extra  training sessions on weekends to put their best performance forward. Their team spirit and dedication to the sport and their team has been inspirational and courageous. We know they will represent the school with pride.
We wish them the best of luck.

Car Park Safety

Increasing number of incidents of speeding, overtaking and inappropriate behavior in our school car park have been reported to the front office.

There are many people in the area during drop off and pick up times, including young primary school children. We ask that you take care and observe the road rules to ensure everyone is kept safe.

Reminder –

• Do not drop off/pick up your child in the bus zones or any area that blocks the flow of traffic
• Only park in parking bays provided
• Disabled parking is only for permit holders
• Please allow the buses to exit the bus zone

Departing Families

Are you leaving JPC?


We will be sad to see you go but to help us with staffing and timetabling for 2018, we would appreciate knowing which students will not be returning next year.


Please advise via email as soon as possible.

Thank you 

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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