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with love, gratitude and focus

Yesterday - on the last day of 2016 - I gathered all my notebooks from the year. I stacked them in many different ways like building blocks just to see what they looked like together. It was a rare occasion to be able to touch and interact with time... moving back and forth through pages of loosely jotted words, random midnight ideas, drawings by Satchi and Coco, pasted travel memories like airplane tickets and printed photos.

Going through these pages was priceless...
Some pages made me smile. Others reminded me of the hard moments we endured. But mostly going through them threaded the life we shared together in a way that was different from flipping through the camera roll on my iPhone or scrolling down social media content.

And that is the power of the analogue world and why we pursue the love for analogue so passionately and relentlessly at Baum-kuchen. Working and playing with analogue tools and mediums is tangible, human and often full of serendipity and surprises.

This year - in 2017 - we look forward to connecting more with our friends, families and as importantly... with ourselves. We are excited to bring much more inspiration from all over the world through our travels and from our everyday lives in Los Angeles. And we will be incredibly curious to witness what the process of analogue brings to the table... both for our family and Baum-kuchen. We have no idea how it might look like or what it could be but when the idea presents itself, we will be ready.

Thank you for letting us reach out to you through the BK Love Letter. I wish you a year full of adventures that are deeply anchored in your soul.

with love, gratitude and focus.

January 1st, 2017 // Los Angeles, CA

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