Okay, okay. The last time I wrote one of these was RIGHT before I had the baby. But he's here now, and it's been four months, so I figure it's time to dust of the ol' keyboard and get to writing. I won't bore you with tons of baby pictures. You can check out my Instagram for that.

I'm sorry that it's been so long. I hate it when I receive a newsletter and I'm like "Wait, when did I subscribe to this?" I promise that I will start sending them more frequently, and we'll be back to being best buds soon enough.

With that in mind, if there's anything that you'd really love to see more of or think would be a good addition, please let me know. I think iterating is supremely valuable.

Also, I'm working on talks and workshops for two super awesome events coming up:
Support Driven Expo in July, and Elevate: Women in September. Both are going to be great opportunities for learning, so if you've not heard of either you should check them out!

Lastly, if you've got sharp eyes, you've noticed that I've added a "services" section to my website. Do you know someone looking for some writing or consulting? Send them my way!


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