JPC Key Messages - Week 8

I enjoy working as Coordinator for Vanier House and Physical Education and Health (PE & H), and also have a responsibility for developing and facilitating community enrichment opportunities for our students. 


Throughout 2017, the PE & H team at St John Paul II College have continued to develop our vision for the subject. We are a professional, dynamic and collegial team with adaptable teachers who are passionate about their subject. We aim to promote the importance of physical literacy and high quality health education for all students at JPC. We work collaboratively to challenge the status quo, developing a contemporary and holistic program of study which provides students with a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, physically active and inclusive. We aim to make lessons innovative, creative and engaging.


In an increasingly complex, sedentary and rapidly changing world, it is critical for every young person to not only be able to cope with life’s challenges but also to flourish as healthy, safe and active citizens. In our subject area, we create opportunities for students to develop perseverance, resilience and a wide range of personal, social and critical thinking skills. One of our main goals this year is to motivate students to challenge themselves further in PE & H across a range of activities. We believe that the concept of ‘challenging yourself’ is one of the pillars of personal development: it also ties in closely with JPC’s foundation keys of mentoring, coaching and developing a growth mindset.


As a team, we recognise how PE & H at school can help you to challenge yourself, grow as a person, and learn to trust yourself more. This greatly increases your likelihood of having happiness and success in life. Whether you are competing at an elite level or simply trying a new physical activity for the first time – whether you are running, throwing, officiating or coaching – some sort of physical and mental exertion is involved. There is no doubt that this exertion has many benefits in terms of self-growth.


In PE & H, students are encouraged to take themselves out of their comfort zone by immersing themselves in unfamiliar practical activities or by engaging in classroom conversations relating to adolescent health. Taking safe risks, becoming more confident, and developing a greater understanding of how their bodies move, coupled with developing a strong sense of identity, is fundamental at this age. At JPC, students develop skills, knowledge and understanding to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage satisfying, respectful relationships. Examples of the units we currently deliver include gymnastics, dance, coaching and leading teams (Sports Education), analysing a peer’s sporting performance (Athletics), and discussing sensitive topics in health relating to puberty, identity, party safety and adolescent relationships.


The school also offers a varied extra-curricular sporting program with a number of clubs and sports teams available for students to enjoy and challenge their skills. Information regarding extra-curricular timetables is made available on the PE notice board, with reminders about clubs announced in daily messages. In Semester 2, PE & H will also offer more opportunities for students to engage in physical activities at lunchtimes in the school hall.


We believe quality physical education is most successful when it has strong support from both parents and students. As we move into Semester 2, we encourage students to work with their parents and reflect on their journey in Physical Education so far. Some questions you might ask your child include:
• What do you like about this subject?
• What do you find challenging/difficult?
• What do you want to achieve?
• How can you challenge yourself further in this subject?

Setting goals with your child helps them to aim for a target – but remember to help them to make these goals achievable! For example, they could aim to:
• join a new lunchtime sports club
• ensure they are changed into PE uniform for every lesson
• represent the school in a new sport
• answer more questions in health class, or
• physically exert/apply themselves more in practical lessons.


We hope all students have enjoyed PE & H in Semester 1 and we look forward to witnessing their growth and development throughout the remainder of 2017.


Iain Robertson and the PE & H

Parental Engagement

What is it?

What is the role of parents in the schooling and education of their children?

Do you want to better engage with your child’s learning and have a better connection with your child’s teacher and their school?

Do you know these things will help your child to improve their learning?

This presentation will make you rethink the role of parents & families in a child’s education.

Guest Speaker
Dr Debbie Pushor

Professor, Department of Curriculum Studies.

University of Saskatchewan, Canada






Having been both a teacher and a parent Debbie brings a whole picture view to this discussion. Debbie will only be in Canberra for 24 hours so we have a small window to learn from her wealth of experience.

If you have ever wondered how you might be better connected with your child’s school or if you have wondered how you can help your child with their learning (and we don’t mean drilling children with test examples) then this is the session for you.

We would like to see loads of JPC parents at this presentation so that we can start a conversation about how this approach could apply at JPC.




Meet the Speaker

JPC parents have been offered a unique opportunity to have a follow up session with Debbie Pushor after Monday nights presentation!!


 on Tuesday 20 June at 3.35pm at JPC.


JPC parents and teachers will be able to use this valuable time to talk through JPC's unique structures with regard to parental engagement and other ideas sparked by Debbie’s talk.


JPC is a new and innovate school in terms of our approach to learning particularly with Independent Learning Time and Mentor Structure.


Let’s start a conversation about how our approach to school and family partnerships (Parental Engagement) at JPC can further enhance our children’s learning outcomes.


Please RSVP:




CEO Sleepout

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware, we are participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for the fourth year in a row.  This event is to raise awareness and funds to enable St Vincent de Paul to care for people who are homeless.

So on Thursday 22 June, I will be sleeping out with the CEOs and 130 JPC students and many members of staff will be sleeping out in solidarity at the school.  In recognition of this quite exceptional effort by a school, this year I was asked to be a Champion for the event and persuade other CEOs to join.  As a result I am delighted to announce that two other Principals of Catholic system schools – Loretta Wholley from Merici College and Brad Cooney from St Clare’s College – will join me in the Sleepout this year.

At JPC, we have again limited the number of students who are sleeping out to 130 students – many more wanted to but logistically it is difficult to manage more than that number.

Many of you will be already assisting your child in their fund raising effort.  Thank you for your support with them.

For those of you who are not supporting a student’s fund-raising effort, could I ask your support through direct donations to this incredibly worthwhile cause.  It would be wonderful to exceed the amount we raised last year which was -

$10 667.00 – and I was the 8th highest fundraising CEO in the ACT.   We would all be grateful for further support from the community.  There are several ways you could contribute:  through cash to the school, through the QKR app or directly to the Vinnies website :

I am so proud of the efforts our students are making (and will make in a few weeks!) and the great support behind us from the community.

Thank you all!


We are very excited to be welcoming The John Mackey Jazz Band to St John Paul II College!


The Band, from ANU, are visiting our school next Wednesday, 21 June, during Period 4 (1.30pm to 2.30pm) in the Theatre, to conduct a workshop and discussion around music and musical opportunities in the future. This workshop is open to all students who wish to be involved – encourage your child to note it in their ILT planner and come along!


John Mackey began playing clarinet aged 10 and then won a scholarship to study classical saxophone at age 12. John graduated from Edith Cowan University in Perth Western Australia, with a 4 year BMus in Jazz in 1990. He has been performing professionally since the age of 14, nationally and internationally. John has appeared on many national television shows including, Hey Hey It’s Saturday as well as the Sunday program. John has performed with many Jazz legends including BB King, Ray Charles, Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Jim McNeely, Kenny Werner, Al Cohn, Mike Nock, Nat Adderley, Roy Hargrove, George Shearing and many more. John has been a member of Faculty at the ANU School of Music since 2000 and is currently embarked on a PhD.

It is a great privilege to have John Mackey come to St John Paul College, don’t miss this opportunity to hear the band play and talk to John about his career in music.

Year 11 in 2018

A reminder to all our Year 10 families that the Commitment of Continuation Form for Year 11 2018 is due back to the school by Friday 23 June.



We will be holding Subject Interviews for Year 11 2018 during week 10 this term.


Bookings for these meetings will be done using PTO online booking system.


Each Student will only be able to make one appointment.


The system will open to families at 5pm on 16 June 2017.


To access this system please click on this link
Select “obtain passcode”


As most families have more than one email address recorded in our database we have used the one listed as “home email”


If you have any problems, please contact the office on 6163 4800

Language Study Tours

An exciting opportunity is being offered to students in Years 9-12 who will be studying either French or Chinese as an Elective in 2018. These students have the privilege of participating in the St John Paul II College’s inaugural Study Tour to either New Caledonia or to China. These tours will take place during the April holidays in 2018. 

The French Study Tour will be 8 days in New Caledonia and is expected to cost around $2,400. The Chinese Study Tour will be 12 days in China and will cost around $3,900.

An information evening, for interested students and families, will be held at the school on Wednesday June 28 from 5.30 – 6.30 pm.

Term 2 Drama Showcase

It’s that time of term again – the Drama showcase is here to dazzle you! Both Year 7 classes, 9/10 Elective Drama and members of First Act! have been working extremely hard to create and perform various pieces of theatre this term. The Showcase will consist of assessment performances and self-devised scenes. Students have self-nominated to perform and are very eager to share their acts with you.


Please join us to support our budding actors as they amaze you with their growing talents!
Miss Sarah Keane

Sports Wrap

Congratulations to Owen Hromow who was selected for the ACT Under 12 Scoolboys Rugby League Team.


Keely Owen (Year 7 Ferré House) represented our school on May 27 at the Interschool Equestrian Competition in Harden, NSW. She rode in the Year 7 to 9 group against a lot of older students and performed impressively, taking out the 2nd Best Presented Horse and Rider and 3rd in Rider, and came away with 2nd in Dressage. Keely also competed well in Jumping and was placed 3rd in the All Sporting Events coming 3rd overall with points, which is impressive as she is the youngest in her group. She had a fantastic day riding her beautiful pony, Blossom.

Keely is pictured here on Blossom at the Interschool Equestrian Event.

Refugee Week @ JPC

During Week 9 of Term 2, issues of social justice will be at the forefront of our community, with the great excitement of the Vinnies sleep-out, and an awareness-raising campaign for Refugee Week. Our House Leaders have prepared a range of activities for the week that students (and staff!) are encouraged to participate in.

Monday – Whole school focus assembly starting at 9am

Tuesday – Film screening, Refugee Stories, in the Theatre during periods 4&5
Wednesday – Solidarity meal in the canteen at lunch. All profits will support the JPC Ration Challenge Fundraising Team
Thursday – House sport challenge in the Hall at lunch
Friday – Reflection activity in House groups

We look forward to sharing these events with the JPC community.

Meet a few of our JPC Ration Challengers!

Why are we doing the Ration Challenge?

Miss Kaitlin Young

I love food.
All types of food.

Going without decent food, particularly for a long time, is not something I look forward to.
And yet, I am going to be doing the Act for Peace Ration Challenge to raise awareness of and funds for Syrian refugees.
I am a strong supporter of refugees. Like us, they should have access to clean water, food, shelter, safety, love and protection. Whilst I know I am going to find eating the same food as a Syrian refugee for a week extremely challenging, it will also be a humbling experience and one that will, hopefully, make me realise just how lucky I really am.

Subhi Senthilvel – Year 11

I am doing the Challenge as a way to raise awareness for refugees which has become such a controversial issue. I think about the conflict-free life we've been blessed with which makes me question what we've done to deserve this life, and what refugees did to deserve theirs? Through this Challenge, I am hoping to raise enough money and awareness in the hope of creating a worldwide ripple. I am hoping that through this Challenge, people are able to better appreciate the life that they've been given and help out those who are not as fortunate by following me on this journey.

Miss Fleur Greaney

Doing the Act for Peace Ration Challenge is a moment for me to take myself out of my comfort zone and spare a thought for those who are far less fortunate. By taking this challenge I hope that I am raising awareness amongst the people around me and hopefully contributing to a change. By raising money as a team we are giving refugees food, medicine and support they need to survive. It is going to be a tough week living on the rations, but it will give hope and comfort to refugees in Syria and around the world.

Mrs. Nicola Edghill

Last year I took part in the Ration Challenge for the first time, and was stunned by how meagre the rations were, and by how difficult it was to go without the things I take for granted. Some of my students were particularly worried about how I would cope without coffee! I gained an incredible insight into this small part of the reality of refugee, and it strengthened my resolve to continue to advocate, in my own small way, for the plight of refugees and displaced persons around the world. I was humbled by the generosity of my students, colleagues, family and friends, who gave so generously to support my personal fundraising efforts, and to learn about how significant this financial contribution would be for people who have so little.

This year I knew I wanted to do the Challenge again, but I was inspired by the support of the JPC community, and really wanted to harness it for Refugee Week this year. I am so proud to be joining with fellow staff members, and our courageous students, to create the JPC Ration Challengers team this year. Through our small acts of sacrifice next week, I hope we can encourage other members of our community to raise their voices in support of those who have been left voiceless through conflict, exclusion and despair.


If you would like to sponsor us in the Act for Peace Ration Challenge, visit the JPC team page at: We would really appreciate your support!

2017 Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability

Dear Parents and carers


Catholic schools along with government and Independent schools across Australia will again be participating in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). Our involvement in this process is crucial as it will provide valuable information about supports required for a broad group of students in our schools The NCCD will enable National and State governments to better target support and resources in schools. This in turn will help Catholic Schools access the support for all students with additional needs.

The NCCD is not limited to students with diagnosed disabilities. It uses a very broad definition of disability, taken from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, which includes a range of health issues and learning difficulties where schools implement strategies to support students in participating effectively in their learning.

The Data Collection will take place in August. No personal or identifying information about any student will be included, however, if you decide you do not wish information about your child to be included in the NCCD, you are asked to contact your child’s principal to discuss your concerns. If you are still concerned you should request and complete an opt-out form and return to the principal.

More information about the NCCD is available at:

Yours sincerely
Patrick Kelly
Senior Officer Wellbeing & Diversity

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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