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4 September 2015

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


Māori Tourism panel on Native Affairs

To coincide with Māori Tourism Trade Day this week, Native Affairs hosted a panel of Māori Tourism operators to discuss the future of Māori tourism. Watch it here. 


Māori tourism operators look to expand

Māori tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the New Zealand industry and New Zealand is set to experience a tourism boom over the next decade.

Now Māori tourism operators are looking at new ways to attract overseas visitors.

Native Xperience is a new family Māori Trout Tourism Business, who've been operating for a year at Waitahanui River in Taupō. 

Director Ngahere Wall says, “We want to open a small window to tourist of how we live in our area.” 

More than 30 Māori Tourist operators gathered in Auckland this week to discuss how to grow their business. Watch the video here. 


Operators look to culture-seeking tourists

Māori tourism operators say they are poised to take advantage of a worldwide trend of visitors wanting to have experiences and cultural activities, instead of looking at buildings and going shopping.

A Māori Tourism Trade Day was held in Auckland this week targeting in-bound tour operators.

Acting chair of the Māori Tourism Board, Dale Stephens said the relaunch of Tourism New Zealand's "100% Pure" campaign incorporated the Māori story.

"The type of activities that people can get involved in when they come to New Zealand is not just about getting on a bus and looking at our beautiful scenery, but it is actually getting out of the bus, meeting some people and getting involving themselves in fishing, nature walks that includes stories about the past from our tupuna and how the country developed, so these are the things that people are really engaging in now." Read more here. 



To Asia Pacific Superyachts, who have made the Excellence in Exporting 2015 Business Awards Final. 

Māori Tourism wants government funding boost

Māori Tourism is the fastest growing sector in New Zealand, which is being promoted and lead by New Zealand Māori Tourism, but despite that the industry only gets 1% of the government's annual budget. 

A Māori promoter says it's time Government invested more in its biggest attraction. 

Māori Culture – it’s the uniqueness that sets New Zealand a part from the rest of the world, and it's one of the main reasons our visitors come here. Read more here. or watch the story here.