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Australia’s Most Trusted Doctor

As reported last week in Australian Doctor on the 8th April 2016 at Sydney Novotel Darling Harbour, David Dahm is honoured to be invited to speak wiith an eclectic group of speakers. This includes the controversial  Dr Charlie Teo, who was voted Australia’s most trusted person in 2014 by Readers Digest subscribers and Professor Barry Boettcher.

Professor Boettcher is a blood expert who worked tirelessly to find the truth in the Chamberlain Case to prove she was innocent, along with a host of amazing speakers from across Australia all dedicated to a more open and transparent healthcare system. This will be a big, game changing event for Australia!

Health and Life CEO and Founder David Dahm will be speaking on a global and local solution to fix regulatory gaps in the healthcare system to better empower patients and providers.
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Is Private Health Insurance or Doctors a Rip Off?

How can you save your money when using our healthcare services?

We have recently had some interesting media reports on the best value for money private health insurers, such as HBF and the least value NIB.

We have become increasingly concerned about excluded procedures and significant patient gaps amongst these schemes.

It is important to note that a number of procedures and tests may no longer be covered by Medicare, which means that you may be further out of pocket if your private healthcare insurer declines to cover these procedures and tests as well.
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How much do Doctors earn?

Clearly with exploding healthcare costs, some are asking who are really doing well out of healthcare and is it fair? So we thought this might be of interest. 

There are some surprising and not so surprising statistics on the money that a Doctor earns compared to other occupations. The disparity between male and female practitioners is interesting to note. Clearly there are exceptions to the rule. We need to keep in mind that Doctors commit to a lot of training throughout their careers. There can be significant associated risks for not getting it right. High professional indemnity insurance, increasing complexity and regulation and high practice costs are all significant factors to consider.
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Medicare Cheques to be killed off in July 2016!

This is a quick reminder to everyone. Give your bank account details to your treating practitioner before July. Medicare will stop issuing cheques to patients. The change — announced in the Federal Budget last year — does not include Pay Doctor via Claimant (PDVC) cheques, which will continue to be issued.
Patients can register their bank account details:
  • Online — using their Medicare online account via myGov, or the Express Plus mobile app
  • Over the phone — by calling 132 011
  • In person — by completing a 'bank account details collection' form available at humanservices.gov.au and putting it into a drop box at a service centre
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2016 A New Tax blitz on Practice Trust/Companies and Payroll Tax!

As both State and Federal Governments continue to struggle for money, the medical profession is increasingly becoming a low hanging fruit opportunity. 

Poor understanding, documentation or a less than wise frugal approach is landing some doctors and practices into hot water. To be fair, setting up and running a practice can be a complex affair. Even with the best advice money can buy, some advisers are not specialised enough to be across all issues which can have a serious and expensive knock-on affect. The following are examples of this.

Furthermore, a new Australian Tax Office publication called “Allocation of profits within a professional firm” indicates that they are looking for a test case. The central message here is, in a Practice, the employment of registrars will increase payroll tax activity, which then may trigger a full-scale enquiry into all Practice contractors.is do not operate a practice company or trust. You cannot retain profits to keep your tax bill down. We did warn readers last year and it did make national headlines.
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Doctors and Staff Contracts: Finally the video!

Finally, after a number of requests, thanks to our friend Gary Smith from Armchair Medical and the East Melbourne PHN, we have produced a live recording from the East Melbourne PHN seminar series David Dahm recently presented on Doctor and Staff Contracts.
We hope this video will clear up any common confusion between contactors and employees as well as commonly asked staff Award issues such as overtime and penalty rates. For the video see http://www.armchairmedical.com/david_dahm/

If you would like us to present a compelling series based on real life, proven cases on  improving practice performance, doctor, dental , allied health and staff contracts, successful practice models and succession planning at your next Practice Manager Meeting or Conference anywhere in Australia let your Primary Healthcare Network, Australian Association of Practice Managers, or local medical, dental or healthcare association ask them to email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au or call us on 1800 077 222.      

We can also organise a free no obligation review of your structures and arrangements and a catch up when we present at your local area. Just email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au or call us on 1800 077 222.

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National Health Media News Round Up (new)

This is a new section. These are the latest articles on practice tips such as patients are their own worst enemy to the latest practice financial incentives. They include updates on how the national media have reported issues from our news alert series which has vindicated key observations we have made or key areas to watch that will affect you.

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New Health and Life Uber (Virtual) buying group:
Knowledge can save you!​

New service: Uber buying group – the price of certainty? How to keep practice costs down. We live in an “Uber” world of hyper competition.
This month, we announce a new opportunity for both practices and suppliers.  We want to assist in building relationships based on trust between practices and suppliers, make life easier and beneficial for both. 
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Do you have empty consulting rooms or appointment slots?
Free GP and Allied Health Recruitment Service 
21 New Exciting Positions nationally available- GP with or without view to ownership - Offering up to 70% depending on private billing. Urban or rural areas anywhere in Australia. Now recruiting from the UK. In our current issue, our feature a practice the Richmond Health Clinic in SA.

Need a FREE and discreet second opinion?
Want to know how other practices do it?

Recent national medical media reports that practices that set key performance indicators that are monitored can makes a difference if you want to provide sustainable high quality care. We reported  this in our last news letter topic called  4 key areas to look at

Our clients have reported excellent feedback on our new and existing services, which provide ideas on how to implement changes to your practice strategy.  These changes will assist your practice to maximise its potential in the context of current big picture national changes.
We can offer a free review of your strategy, structures and arrangements at no obligation:  just email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au. If you are still not sure read on at 

Many of our clients have taken advantage our new and free quarterly national feedback and mentoring program for our accounting clients*. You can now tap into over 25 years of national experience and advice, as well as our curated data on the 1,200 practices we have assisted over this time. We can help you to answer your most difficult questions, and provide insight into any opportunities or possibilities that you may have on your mind.
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Less pain if you restructure practice now!
5 simple reasons why you should restructure your practice today!

The pressure to operate efficiently and effectively has never been so great. Practices want to organically grow, make thier practice succession-planning friendly, family friendly, tax friendly, asset protection friendly and investment friendly.
Setting up new business structures, systems and training takes time. We can hep you now. The immediate cost benefits of restructuring will take effect as soon as they are implemented. Contact us now if you are serious about restructuring your practice. You deserve to eat well and sleep well!
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Health and Life's
2016 Employment Template Kit (updated) including the new GP Registrar minimum terms and conditions.

This Fair Work friendly tested employment package has letter of offer and job description templates. 

This includes the revamped 2015 GP Registrar employment terms and conditions and the
new 2016 ACCC standard contract laws.
Clients report this has significantly reduced costs, disputes and potential fines of up to $54,000 per breach for non-compliance. Free upgrades are available to practices that have bought our kit in the last 12 months. A small upgrade fee applies to clients who have purchased a copy greater than 12 months ago. 
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An Entrepreneur’s Story: Money Does not buy happiness!
Find out why David started Health and Life

David Dahm talking with Adelaide University students about career choices in life.
David Dahm agreed to this interview about to help students decide what the right career decision may be for them. Have you ever wondered what David’s motivation may be for his passionate involvement in the health care system? Look no further than this true story about how David started Health & Life and some of the ups and downs of his experience. We hope you like it and share with your children. This is for them. 
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