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Stress, Chromosomes, and Nature

What do these three subjects have to do with one another? 

RVi Project Director Patrick Smith recently spoke on this topic at the Austin Center for Architecture. Presenting to the Architecture for Health Committee, Patrick explained the link. “The reality is most of us didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning, we spent on average 25.8 minutes in our cars commuting to work, and when we arrived, we were probably running late for something we were already behind on. Stress is all around us. Studies have shown that how we deal with stress has a great impact on our health, and we now have a way to measure this impact – because stress actually changes our genes,” he said.

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Planning for the Future of San Gabriel Park

RVi was recently selected by the City of Georgetown to create a master plan for the historic San Gabriel Park.  Located in the center of the city along the scenic banks of the San Gabriel River, the park has played an important role in Georgetown’s history and cultural heritage.  The parkland was officially purchased by the City of Georgetown in 1933, but the land had been a popular community gathering place for many years prior to the purchase.  Throughout the years, San Gabriel Park has served as a central park for the city, offering activities like rodeos, carnivals, swimming, fishing, weddings, festivals, and sporting events.  The park has earned many awards and recognitions over the years, including an Official Texas Historical Marker, Lone Star Legacy Park Designation, and many planning and design awards.  RVi is in the beginning stages of the master planning effort, which is expected to take several months.

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Jesse Van Wick Answers RECA's Call to Fight

This year, the Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA) is doing a new spin on their classic Knockout Night annual fundraiser.  In years past, the organization has brought in professional boxers, sumo wrestlers, and aerial acrobats – but this year, the entertainment will be provided by RECA’s own members.

RECA issued the call to fight in November, and RVi’s Jesse Van Wick threw his hat in the ring.  “I’ve never boxed before, but play a lot of sports in my free time.  I like a good challenge, so I didn’t hesitate when RECA announced they were taking volunteers,” Jesse said.

Jesse and the other participants have been training twice a week for the past 3 months with Coach Steve Jimenez of Austin FIT Center.  Training sessions involve conditioning, boxing drills, and even sparring.  “It’s been very educational and a lot of fun.  I think I might actually be interested in continuing with boxing even after the event.”

Stay tuned for RECA’s Match-Up Announcement coming soon.  Knockout Night is scheduled for Thursday, February 19th at the new JW Marriott hotel in downtown Austin.  Hope to see you there!

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