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Campaign on the Right to Make Decisions

Inclusion International is launching a new Global Campaign on the Right to Make Decisions. Find out more about this on our website in the coming weeks.

Building Inclusive Communities in Colombia - Family Forum

Inclusion International and Colombian Partners are hosting an International Conference for Families in Cali, Colombia from March 20th to 22nd.

More about the conference

Colombia Pilot Initiative in deinstitutionalization

II met the Sub-Director of the Colombian Institute for Family Wellbeing (ICBF) in the first of several meetings to develop strategies that will allow people with intellectual disabilities to be part of the community.

More about Colombia pilot initiative

II's engagement with the Millennium Development Goals

Shikuku Obosi from Inclusion International participated in the National consultative conference on the Beyond2015 process held on January 23rd and 24th in Nairobi, Kenya

Read more about the meeting in Nairobi

Find out about II's involvement with the post 2015 MDG dialogue and agenda

II Participates in IDA Governing Body Meeting

II Council member, Quincy Mwiya, and II President, Klaus Lachwitz, participated in the recent governing body meeting of the International Disability Alliance.

Find out more about the meeting

Self Advocate David Delivers Training on CRPD in Fiji

II Council member, David Corner, helped facilitate a regional Training of Trainers And Leaders (ToTAL) workshop on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Fiji.

Find out more about the workshop

See David's powerpoint presentation

World Bank Safeguards Campaign

Statement from II Council Member at consultation in Tokyo

Nagase Osamu, representative for the Asia Pacific region, attended the consultation meeting in Tokyo.

Read Nagase's speech

Challenging discrimination at the expense of promoting equality

Inclusion International, Inclusion Europe and the Mental Disability Advocacy Center collaborated on a statement about social equality and the means to achieve that goal.

See the statement

Inclusion International Remembers Charlie Swenson

Inclusion International was deeply saddened to hear that Charlie Swenson, 30, passed away on January 26th following a brief illness.  

Charlie made a significant contribution to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and families around the world.