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We were made for community. There's power in coming together to  CONNECT • GROW • SERVE • GO. As a matter of fact when we participate in this, we do it most effectively as a community.

"... community is best understood as the way we are to do all that Christ told us to in the world. Community is more than just the result of the preaching of the gospel; it is itself a declaration and expression of the gospel. It is the demonstration of the good news of freedom in Christ through the evident display of our transformed character and our life together. It is itself part of the good news, for the good news is this: this is what Christ has won for you on the cross - a new life together with the people of God. Once you were alienated from others, but now you have been brought near. " (Tim Keller, Center Church, 320)

As we come together in GROW Groups, we practice the Good News through these five values based on the book of Acts, Chapter 2: Prayer, Service, Study, Worship, and Fun.

To echo Pastor Dwight Nelson's sermon last week: "to grow we must group!" If you haven't done so yet, watch or listen to his sermon and be inspired by the impact that small groups can have on our spiritual lives.

If you are ready to take your witnessing to the next level, Contagious Adventist and Training in Disciple Making are specialized groups for you. Our Spring catalog features new selections that will emphasize being equipped to disciple others.

To find out more about various GROW Groups, visit or pick up a catalog at PMC or the Campus Ministries office. 

by Sabine Vatel, Discipleship and GROW Group Pastor


Belize Mission Trip

From March 13 to 22nd, twenty-one students and three staff members from Andrews University have been invited down to Providence Seventh-day Adventist School in San Antonio, Belize. During this mission trip the participants will join with this community and help them build an expansion for their Adventist high-school in the jungles of the southern Toledo District.

We will work alongside a local crew and a group from California to finish the building of three extra classrooms, including a science lab. Jobs will include roofing, installing doors and windows, electrical work, painting, and landscaping. They have also requested that we lead out in local evangelism.

Andrews’ students will run a VBS program for children, with puppets, crafts, and bible stories. Our students will also share their spiritual testimonies, through the help of a translator, with the adults.

Our team is really looking forward to a continuos relationship with the people of Southern Belize, fostering friendship and helping to meet needs when necessary. God has really opened up doors in these jungle areas for the Mayan people to come to know Christ, and we are very excited that God has called us to be apart of this.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

by Lindsey Pratt, Student Chaplain, Campus Ministries, Andrews University


PMC Media Team

Have you ever considered joining the PMC Media Team? Our media team executes a vast array of different tasks every Sabbath. Through the media team, PMC is able to live-stream church services all over the world to both members and visitors who cannot sit in our pews. Volunteers run cameras, work up in the control room, the audio booth, and perform a variety of other duties. The great thing about this opportunity is that you don’t have to have any previous experience! You’ll learn everything you need to know as you go along. Joining the media team gives you the opportunity to serve with a fun loving, family-like group of people.

The PMC Media Team offers a flexible service schedule; once every three weeks. When you join, you will be placed on one of three teams that rotate to ensure that everyone has time off. Why not join this crucial ministry at PMC and see how God blesses you and others through you!

For more information or to volunteer contact: Nick Wolfer at

by Rebecca Coleman, Pioneer Midweek Editor

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