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The Absent Father's Presence

It is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking stats that I have ever heard. Seventy-two percent of African-American children are born out of wedlock. But that’s not the stat I am talking about. Here it is: 89% of the households in Benton Harbor do not have a father present. After hearing this I could not believe it. But as I reflected upon all of the young men I work with in my community, which is plenty, none of them are living with their biological father. This is a big problem because studies have shown that youth violence, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration, and a host of other societal ills increase when fathers are not home! But this problem is not bigger than our God. He has a solution spelled out in Malachi 4:6. “Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.” This verse is foundational to our vision emphasis which is to empower broken homes beginning with boys, young men, and fathers more

by Taurus Montgomery, Harbor of Hope Pastor


Live Wholly Journazine

Andrews University Health & Wellness is proud to present the first ever edition of the LIVE WHOLLY Journazine! This electronic blend of a magazine and journal will be published once a semester. This edition was designed and assembled by the 2015/2016 Wellness Action Team! more


Visitor's Fellowship Dinner

Feature Announcement

PMC's Fellowship Dinner Teams are looking for members and team leaders to help serve about 2 times per year. As part of the team, you will help assist with setup, service, clean-up, and supplying food dishes.

Contact: Ben Chilson | (269) 471-5077;


Church Offering

This Sabbath, April 30, the church offering goes to PMC Operating Expense.

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