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Are you sure you picked the right size?

When I worked part time at a fabric store this happened every time I was there::

A fabric shopper would come up to me with her fabric and the pattern she wanted to sew from and ask for fabric for a size 38 (or 42 or whatever).

As always, when I thought the pattern size might be wrong, I asked her if she had measured herself and almost always the customer replied: "No, but I always use size 38 (or 42 etc)".

The First Thing You Should Know About Pattern Sizing:

There is no standard sizing!

I'll repeat - There is no such thing as standard sizing (well, actually there is, but noone uses it)..

This means, that the pattern drafter (or more accurately, someone in the design house) chooses the size table she drafts for. And she can label that size whatever she wants.

So if she wants to label a 90 cm (36") bust a size Small, she can. And sometimes she does. But sometimes another designer would label that bust measurement a size medium or even large.

And that's why you can't just choose the size you usually wear for the pattern you want to sew. You have to measure yourself and compare your measurements with the size table on the pattern!

The Second Thing You Should Know About Pattern Sizing:

Patterns are most often designed for a B-cup bust!

As I explained in a recent newsletter (go ahead and read it, I also talk about what to do about it - but notice that the offer has expired..) most patterns are designed for a bust  which fullest part is maximum 4.5 cm bigger than the high bust.

This means that if you want to sew a top or dress pattern and have a large bust, you might need to choose the size according to your high bust measurement - and make room for the full bust - otherwise the finished garment will be too big over your shoulders and waist...

The Third Thing you Should Know About Pattern Sizing:

The pattern - and it's size chart - is just a suggestion!

It's perfectly okay (and even advisable) to merge between pattern sizes (when working with a multisized pattern).

If your hip or bust measurement belongs in one size (depending on what the pattern is for) and your waist measurements in another - then blend the size lines together, to customize the pattern to fit your measurements!

This only works with multisized patterns, of course - like all the patterns I sell at the shop...


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Happy Sewing!

~ Maria at MariaDenmark


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