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Share your views on Best Practice Software

This is the third of our monthly Best Practice Health Check Surveys - your opportunity to give us your views on Best Practice Software - what we're doing well, what needs improvement and what you'd like to see for the future.

This month we’d like to know how you prefer to access new releases and support services and your views on what you like and how we can improve our service to you.

Please take a few minutes to fill in our survey and go in the Draw to win a $50 Gift Card. Click here to start the survey. 

And congratulations to last month's winner - Jin Kong from Everwell Medical Centre, Your gift card is on its way!

Get ready for Indigo to colour your world

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Bp Premier’s latest release – Indigo – is in final stages of testing. Thanks to the Release Candidates who have come on board and provided invaluable feedback. 

Stay tuned for the release date!

Ruby reaches its final stages of testing

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp VIP.net 

Great news for Bp VIP.net users – our new release “Ruby” is in the final stages of testing as we prepare for a public release!

The Ruby release focuses on a vast number of improvements to the financial and billing system.

The financial and billing updates also contain several performance improvements to the platform including bug fixes and future enhancement to the Bp VIP.net Software for specialists.

The Bp VIP.net team are already working on a further release that will focus on providing new regulatory and compliance updates for the new financial year to Bp VIP.net customers.
Watch this space Bp VIP.net specialists in Australia and New Zealand!

You can contact our Bp Vip.net team on 1300 40 1111 in Australia and 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand and select option 2 for Specialist products; or email support.spau@bpsoftware.net (AUS) or support.spnz@bpsoftware.net (NZ).

Be a Bp Allied Beta!

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp Allied

We’re on the hunt for some of our Bp Allied customers to help shape the future of Bp Allied by becoming Beta testers. 
With Version 6 coming out soon, we would like a group of our valued customers to be Beta Testers to install our pre-release version and provide critical feedback on its use and the upgrade process.
If you’re interested please contact Felicity or Paula

Bp Allied Update out this week

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp Allied

Exciting news, with a new update for Bp Allied V 5 out this week! Watch out for the pop up on screen when it’s available, or check out the What's New page on our website  for details on what's in the latest release.

Bp VIP.net Handy Hints

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp VIP.net

Bp VIP.net Buttons on the My Comms Screen

Apart from the buttons you use regularly while creating, modifying or saving a Correspondence or Referral record here are some of the less commonly used buttons in the Correspondence Screen (F4) that you might find useful.

They are a great help when viewing letterheads, saving copies to external programs, making copies, creating taks and importing in bulk. Check out these icons soon!


When a Letterhead has been applied to the template, this will allow you to view the letter in the MyComms screen with the applied letterhead and adjust the line spacing.

This lets you view and save a copy of the letter in an external programme such as Microsoft Word or Adobe.

You can take a copy of the letter and paste it into an external programme such as Microsoft Word.

Create a Task from the correspondence or referral. This will create a link to the correspondence or referral record in the Task.

Import in bulk a larger number of scanned documents and assign them to the patients and providers once the import is completed.

Staying up to date with Bp Learning

Vimeo up and running!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bp Learning on Vimeo campaign last month and followed our channel. We have a winner! Congratulations to Dr Daniel Byrne from Chandlers Hill Surgery – Dr Byrne has won a complimentary 1-hour remote training session with one of our Training Specialists.

Vimeo is a professional video sharing platform, that’s ad free, and has the ability to categorise videos based on brands, knowledge areas and topics. In Bp’s case, we have organised our videos per brand – Bp Premier, Bp Allied and Bp Vip.net – so, as a customer, you can easily find the training video you are looking for. 
We have videos on how to use certain functions in our products, videos on new features every time we release an upgrade, and webinar Masterclass recordings discussing an industry related topic and how to best utilise our software.

Our latest video was a Bp Premier “Be In The Know” session on Disaster Recovery which was all about securing and maintaining your data in your practice. This is just one of many informative videos we have available on the Bp Learning channel.
We encourage all our customers, old and new, to follow the Bp Learning channel on Vimeo, so you can stay up-to-date with how best to use our software and to be notified when new video content is added. Download the Navigating Vimeo instructions we have created for guidance on how to follow our channel and navigate the different categories.

Be part of the Brisbane and Perth Group Sessions

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our Bp Training Specialists are off to Perth from the 12th - 14th June. There are some spots available, but be quick - positions are filling up fast for these Perth sessions.

For those on the East Coast, we will also be running group sessions on the Gold Coast from the 17th - 19th July.

Join us on the beautiful Gold Coast as we take you through Clinical Essentials, Management Essentials, Management Advanced and Financial Management. Click here to register your attendance.

Roadshow recap

Our Product Managers and Bp Specialists hit the road last month to visit Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for Bp’s first ever Connect + Evolve Software Innovation Roadshows.

After facilitating think tank workshops and ideation exercises with our customers, our team walked away with some exciting co-designed functionality enhancements with valuable feedback and insights.

There were a few noted industry trends across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne that highlighted the fact that Practice Managers continue to absorb more work along with the complexities of running a business and well-organized practice. It’s obvious technology and digital health are advancing and there is a tsunami of data which is changing the working environments of day to day practice life.

The Product team has also taken note of practice mobility, factoring in part-time workers and multi-disciplinary practices. Another industry trend was that General Practitioners are working with limited funding and rising costs.

Team Best Practice will be looking to the future in automation to reduce admin burden and provide useful insights out of data analytics. The team is already using the roadshow outcomes in the planning of our future Product roadmap.

Once again, the team thank you for your registrations and interest. The team will be sure to hit the road again soon.  Stay tuned for more by following our Facebook page.

Conference Marathon

Team Best Practice have been all over the country attending conferences left right and centre this month.

We started off the Conference Marathon with the APNA Conference in Brisbane from 10th to 12th May. Bp Allied’s Shar and Amie had a great time, with lots of user feedback and ideas and industry insights.

Bp Allied was again represented at the 35th National Conference of Dieticians from 17th to 19th May in Sydney. Melissa and Paul had a great time meeting dieticians from around Australia.

It was then Bp Premier’s turn – with Will, Chris and Sue-Ellen representing Team Bp at the GPCE Sydney. Lots of great feedback, including from some of our Release Candidate customers trialling the new release of Bp Premier “Indigo”.

Next was the Speech Pathology Conference in Adelaide, with Dave, Melissa and Paul flying the flag for Bp Allied.

And to finish off the month, Jessica and Will attended the GPDU 2018 at the Gold Coast. It was great to support this exciting new Conference, co-sponsoring the Conference App.

Our new Best Practice Conference Display, based on our website imaging, is receiving lots of positive comments and delegates are loving our competitions to win a Google Home Mini.

See you at a Conference soon!  To keep up to date, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and check out our LinkedIn page. For more information visit our website.

Bp Forum Focus

This is the second in our regular series on using the new Bp Forum (a suggestion from one of our regular users!).

On the front screen of the Forum there will be a black box icon with a “new posts” message, if a new post has been made since you last visited the Forum. When you go into that particular Forum you’ll see icons listing “new reply” (green box) and “unread” (purple box) on posts you have been following or are new since you visited last.
Remember that there are now individual Forums for our 3 products – Bp Premier (GP software); Bp VIP.net (Specialist software) and Bp Allied (Allied Health software). It’s a place where you can give your views, ask questions of other Bp users or help other Bp users by sharing your experiences.

There are also Forums to have your say on the healthcare industry (Inside Healthcare) and your views on world news, sport, weather, current affairs – whatever you want to discuss (World Views)!
There are also specialised Forums containing Best Practice Resources, one for Release Candidates and one for Beta Testers.

When you have a spare moment, get on the Forum and have a look around.

Thanks for the Thanks!

Thanks to Patricia Tracey, Practice Manager at O Plus Health Grafton, for her kind words.  Well done Luke!

“I’d like to offer a big thank you to your staff member Luke. He went above and beyond to assist our staff. His professionalism and knowledge were well worth the time he spent on the phone with us this morning.

He covered a myriad of problems. He also lent his expertise to our own IT support who was in the practice this morning. We are very grateful for his patience and knowledge.
You have a great staff member in Luke and I will not hesitate to recommend your support services to anyone”.

Support Hints and Tips

Troubleshooting Medicare
Certificates utilised for signing of information sent to Medicare are renewed on a regular basis and when these expire you may receive an error code or message like these:
• 1006 – PKI Login Failure
• 1705 – Secure Failure
• Desecure failure at Medicare Australia.  Contact the PKI Customer Service Centre for Assistance.

If you encounter these error codes Bp Support is here to assist. So that we can help give you a speedy resolution we recommend that you have these items handy when contacting us:
• Medicare Certificate CD’s
• PIC code (phase phrase) used with your Medicare Certificates
• Access to your HPOS login to download renewed certificates
• Access to your server with the Bp Premier Server install (may require your IT vendors assistance dependent on setup)
• Admin access on your server
• Team viewer 12 quick support ready to go (required for advanced support if required)
• Medicare certificate manager installed (required for renewals)

Spotlight on Tyro

Patients Tap. You Save

Australia’s business-only bank and EFTPOS provider, Tyro, has introduced a number of banking innovations for small and medium sized enterprises, including its recently launched ‘Tap & Save’ – a first-to-market initiative that allows businesses to save money by processing debit tap-and-go payments through the cheaper EFTPOS network.

Contactless tap-and-go payments are becoming more commonplace than ever, with 82% of Australian consumers using contactless payments at least once a week. In addition to consumer demand, businesses have also become more accepting of tap-and-go, as contactless payments are a regular and quicker way to pay. Tyro believes this gives health professionals huge potential to save on card payments by using Tap & Save.

Tap & Save can help you recover considerable acceptance costs for eligible scheme debit tap-and-go payments on your Tyro EFTPOS terminal. Tyro customers taking advantage of Tap & Save are benefiting by saving on their Merchant Service Fees. Savings will vary between merchants depending on a business’ card mix, transaction volume amount, industry and pricing plan.

To see if Tap & Save is appropriate for your Practice and for terms and conditions visit tyro.com or speak with a Tyro Sales Specialist by entering your details here.