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The Royal Commission: cannot legislate good behaviour, so how do you protect yourself?

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1. The Royal Commission: cannot legislate good behaviour, so how do you protect yourself?

2. New Data Privacy Laws breached every two days!

3. Excessive Pathology Rent Red Book Alert! 

4. Medicare Audit Anxiety is it fake or real what does the High Court think? 

5. Tax warnings for doctors

6. Does your professional association represent you? What do you personally risk losing?

7. Readers question - Start succession planning when you start up your practice.

8. Time to start restructuring now before 30th June! 

9. Fixed Fee Financial outsourcing of your bookkeeping and or accounting NEW!

10. Doctors Pay Calculator (‘DPC’) and service agreement a new national service just got easier and more cost effective!  NEW!

11. Interstate visit Melbourne, 21st 24th May 2018 NEW!

12. Photogallery

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The Royal Commission: cannot legislate good behaviour, so how do you protect yourself?

Five key tips towards finding a trusted ethical financial adviser

In this article we cover the following key tips:

1. Being financially self-aware and literate is the best protection you can give yourself

2. Do not be fooled by glossy brochures and flashy offices, qualifications or professional associations or organisations

3. Do not be rushed into to doing anything, and get it in writing

4. Do not put all your advisers in one basket

5. Pay for your own advice - nothing important in life is for free or cheap

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New Data Privacy Laws breached every two days!

Australians' sensitive health information, including data on women who have had abortions, is not being properly protected, a News Corp investigation has found.

Under a new mandatory notification scheme, businesses must now report a data breach to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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New Excessive Pathology Rent Red Book Alert! 

We have been receiving reports from some practices that GP’s in private medical practices have been targeted by a recent mass Pathology Rent Red Book mail out from the Department of Health. The Department is informing referring GPs of the current prohibited kickback rules being offered to practices and to be wary of such arrangements.

Specifically, if you own a practice or use a practice manager that has a pathology collection centre or other diagnostic services, make sure you can answer any questions accurately and truthfully in order to avoid unnecessary suspicion and unwanted inquiries.

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Medicare Audit Anxiety is it fake or real what does the High Court think?

Medicare Audit Anxiety is it fake or real? Do you find trouble in interpreting the MBS item numbers? We need your feedback. 

Over the last 25 years, we have asked this question. Thank you to a preeminent QC for their prob ono assistance for a High Court Challenge on this vexed issue that we have been asked pro bono to provide an expert opinion on.

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New Tax warnings for doctors - Health care home tax ruling and excessive income splitting and service entities

There are two areas of concern:

  1. Homecare tax ruling

  2. Excessive income splitting and service entities

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Readers question - Start succession planning when you start up your practice.

We have just received an important question from a reader, regarding succession planning.

Practice manager ‘Ali’ asked; when do you start to think about succession planning… in particular about issues such as timelines, how long it takes on average to sell a practice, and whether staff are retained versus replaced?

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We engage in pro bono (free) work. This ensures there is a level playing field for every individual to thrive in their own community. This will ensure resources are equitably, efficiently and effectively allocated to where they are most needed for the greater good.

Does your professional association represent you? What do you personally risk losing?

It is so important professional membership associations and not for profits to walk the talk when it comes to representing their members as well as the community’s best interest. This is about being open, transparent and accountable.

By taking this for granted, this will risk any statutory privilege provided by the Government that their members currently enjoy such as capped liability, government funding or less red tape. This will come out of your own hip pocket with higher membership fees, premiums or reduced support services. 

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One Moment Foundation

UPDATE: We continue to work on our Giving Patients and Providers a Fair Go. 250,000 people die annually due to avoidable health system errors.The solution is to create international healthcare standards and ethics Board across 190 countries backed by the United Nations. This has the support of many influential people locally and internationally in the healthcare industry. Government and patients. More details will be released soon.

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CPA members push for removal of president


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Other interviews and articles with David Dahm

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Video's on Demand

We have a pro bono library of our cutting-edge seminar presentations made around Australia. Armchair Medical have made this initially available free. You can subscribe see below for a special subscriber offer. (We receive no commissions or payment for this service).

You will obtain access to nearly 3,000 Australian lectures on the latest topics as diverse as Allergy, Business, Dermatology, Paediatrics and Women's Health.

These are the latest topics and practical tips that you may find useful.

  1. Practice Automation  - work smarter and not harder. It is cheaper, improves quality and makes life less stressful for everyone.

  2. The-business of healthcare hippocrates v hypocrisy

  3. The Perfect Practice - Key Performance Indicators.

  4. Risky Patient Billing - You cannot get a straight answer on Medicare Billing item Numbers, There are no commonly agreed clinical standards this is why you cannot. This is a new solution supported by your peers and influential people in Government and healthcare.

  5. AAPM - A fair go to patients and providers. Establishing an international healthcare standards andEthicss Board. A revolutionary new vision for healthcare. A practical solution to your local and international health care system.

  6. Doctors and staff contracts and optimal business structures (these videos have proved very popular)

  7. All David Dahm Armchair videos

  • New offer to our subscribers.

  • If you are interested in the latest high quality clinical and non-clinical topics, Armchair Medical offer a low-cost subscriber option. They offer excellent, practical and timely information tailored for time-poor people.

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    Use the coupon 'healthlife' and you will receive 33% off and so only pay $16.75US/mth Here's the direct link http://www.armchairmedical.tv?code=healthlife

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Time to start restructuring now before 30th June! - CONTACT US NOW!

If you are trying to formulate a succession plan or are simply getting your books into order so you can draw up a succession plan or sell a practice, now is the time to restructure, i.e. before the end of the financial year, so to save as much as 40% on your bookkeeping and accounting costs.

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Fixed Fee Financial outsourcing of your book keeping and or accounting  - NEW! 

If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it! 

Australian first for healthcare practices a new way to lower your overheads and improve profitability.

What are the three important things people want in life?

Go big, boutique or broke by tackling

There are three important things people want in life:

  1. That their loved ones are cared for;
  2. Financial security; and
  3. More time..

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Doctors Pay Calculator (‘DPC’) and service agreement a new national service just got easier and more cost effective! - NEW!

Australian first for healthcare practices a new way to lower your overheads and improve profitability.

Are you being paid correctly? You cannot afford to get your key providers pay wrong. Keeping their trust is a must

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Doctors Pay Calculator 2018-19 Update

2018 New urgent update. Service Fee percentage calculator has a new service agreement tracker and document manager. Warning make sure you have the latest Microsoft compliant version or it may no longer work and you may lose your data. You will need to upgrade to the latest version visit our website. Contact us for more information.

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Employment Kit Updated 2018 -19

Our employment kit has been updated. This can help save you significant time and money. The kit has:

  • Remuneration tips
  • Employment templates
  • Job descriptions
  • Restraints 
  • Occupational health and safety agreements
  • for doctors, allied health, nurses, practice managers and administration staff.

Contact us for more information at pa@healthandlife.com.au.

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Book Now! A Powerful New Way to Manage Your Practice!

2018 NEW national series

If you are serious about running a practice efficiently without the stress and anxiety, this may be for you. You are certain to be impressed, and it will be well worth your time and money.

In June 2018, we will be holding an exclusive face-to-face national seminar limited to five participant practices.

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Interstate visit

Melbourne 21st to 24th May 2018 - NEW

Contact David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au if you would like a personal meeting with David Dahm at your practice at no obligation.

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Congratulations to the Honourable Member Christopher Pyne for 25 years in Parliament

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