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David T. Foil, President
David T. Foil, President
Since we began this e-newsletter several years ago, we have attempted to do two things: 1) provide content that is succinct, relevant and useful to the timberland owner, and 2) keep FRC’s name in front of our clients, friends, and the forestry community. Hopefully, we have accomplished these things without being a diversion or filling your inboxes with useless spam. We do appreciate your subscription and our ongoing relationship. For this edition, I want to do something a little different – rather than providing something to you, I want to ask something of you…and this is the ask: WILL YOU BE ENGAGED AND INVOLVED?


Featured Listings
Echeconnee Creek
Echeconnee Creek
Monroe Co., GA
$168,000     108.11 acres
Kolomoki Creek
Kolomoki Creek
Clay Co., GA
$2,588,685    1623 acres
Mossy Creek
Mossy Creek
Terrell Co., GA
$1,113,000    742 acres

Twiggs Co. Oct-13 199 $1,103 $443 $660 Paved and graded road frontage; all merchantable timber; ~17 acre ROW easement
Wilkinson Co. Sep-13 234 $1,067 $267 $800 Bank-owned property; paved road frontage; all premerchantable natural regeneration
Jones Co. Sep-13 122 $2,200 $760 $1,440 Adjoining landowner purchase; paved road frontage; all merchantable timber
Monroe Co. Sep-13 42 $2,260 $660 $1,600 Private road access with protective covenants; all merchantable timber
Twiggs Co. Sep-13 1,496 $1,545 $608 $937 Paved road frontage; all merchantable timber
Laurens Co. Jun-13 545 $1,583 $733 $850 Adjoining landowner purchase; paved road frontage; all merchantable timber
Sample of transactions in various Georgia counties. These do not necessarily reflect current market values. Contact FRC for your future forestland appraisals at 478-745-4910 or Click here for full table.

Wood Bioenergy Projects in the US: Rankings by State

Brooks Mendell, Forisk Consulting

As of July 2013, WBUS counts 459 announced and operating wood-using bioenergy projects in the United States. These projects represent total, potential wood use of 128.6 million green tons of wood per year by 2023. However, Forisk analysis indicates 296 projects (64%) pass viability screens. These projects could consume 78.5 million tons of wood per year.


Economy: Shelter from the Storm
Jeffrey Humphreys, Georgia Trend

Home building and development have long been extremely important to Georgia’s economy. This traditional driver of growth finally got traction in 2012 and is gaining momentum in 2013. The number of single-family home starts for new construction will increase by 36 percent in 2014.


Making a Case for a Timber Tower

Mika Gröndahl, The New York Times

The Supreme Court on March 20 reversed a May 2011 ruling from the U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (NEDC v. Brown) that forest roads used for timber harvest require mandatory CWA industrial stormwater discharge permits typically applied to factories and other facilities. Under an earlier order from the Ninth Circuit, EPA is currently reviewing whether to regulate forest roads as point sources. Plaintiffs have told the Supreme Court and the media they intend to use this process and further litigation to require permits.


In win for Big Oil, U.S. proposes biofuel mandate cut
Timothy Gardner, Reuters

The Obama administration proposed on Friday slashing federal requirements for U.S. biofuel use in 2014, bowing to pressure from the petroleum industry and attempting to prevent a potential fuel crunch next year.


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