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Vol. 5: No. 6
July 6, 2016

Terra La Belle (Cape Cod OPC, West Barnstable, MA) helps make preparations for the English for Kids Bible Camp this week in St-Georges, Quebec, where a team of 23 from the Presbytery of New York and New England are serving!

Reports from the Field

Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!
Psalm 105:2 (ESV)

We are starting to receive reports from the field as summer short-term missions get underway!  Scroll down for updates from Quebec, Uruguay, and the Jersey Shore!  

Sign up now for an exciting Youth Evangelism Conference that will take place in July in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

We've included our 2016 Prayer Calendar to help guide your prayers for short-term missions.  

Two current opportunities are featured again this month: a Missionary Associate is needed in Quebec, and volunteers to serve as teachers are needed in Uganda.

Thank you for keeping short-term missions in your prayers, and stay tuned for further reports!


In this issue:

Summer Youth Conference:
"Living Right Side Up"

Reports from the Field:
English for Kids Bible Camps
VBS and Local Outreach in Uruguay
The Boardwalk Chapel

Prayer Calendar:
STM Prayer Calendar

Current Opportunities for Service:
Missionary Associate Needed in Quebec
Teachers Needed in Uganda

Year-Round Opportunities for Service:
Evangelism Training in Key West, FL
Evangelism Opportunity in Quebec
Need for ESL Teachers in South Korea
Opportunities for Service in Uganda

STM Resources:
STM Brochures
Can Your Church Use a Team?

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Summer Youth Conference 


Summer Youth Evangelism Conference
July 29-31, 2016

High school students, collegians, and young adults of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and their friends, are invited to attend a conference sponsored by Great Commission Northwest of the OPC.

The conference will include instruction as well as "hit-the-streets" outreach!

"Living Right Side Up in an Upside Down World" with Pastor Randy Bergquist 

July 29-31, 2016
(Friday 5:00 pm through Noon after worship on Sunday)

Conference and lodging at
Northstar Baptist Church
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Deadline to Apply:
Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Apply:
Click below for an application form and further details!

Additional Training:
There is an option to stay August 1-3 for additional outreach and evangelism training ($10 extra fee)

Mark Sumpter
Ryan Vander Feer

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


"Join in the harvest of of God's gracious work of the gospel in the Pacific Northwest!"


Reports from the Field 


English for Kids Bible Camps
Summer 2016

From a recent "Pray for Quebec" newsletter:

The annual English for Kids Bible Camps that teach local French-speaking children English and the truths about Jesus are now underway in Quebec!  Three weeks of camp take place at St-Marc's Reformed Church in Quebec City, and one week at a sister church in St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec.

First week of camp at St-Marc's (last week):

  • Camp theme: Christ the King
  • Team members from New Life OPC (Williamsport, PA), Calvin OPC (Phoenix, AZ), Neon Reformed OPC (Neon, KY), Grace OPC (Philadelphia, PA).

Second week of camp at St-Marc's (this week):

  • Camp theme: The Birth of Jesus Christ
  • Team members from Calvin OPC (Phoenix, AZ), Grace OPC (Costa Mesa, CA) and two Reformed churches in Canada.

Camp at St-Georges (this week):

  • Camp theme: Pilgrim's Progress
  • Team includes 23 members from the Presbytery of New York and New England, as well as volunteers from the local church.  


  • Pray that the kids will learn, understand, and confess that the man Jesus is also the very Son of God, and for new families to join God's kingdom.


  • Read the first edition of a delightful daily newsletter that is sent out by a leader of the camp in St-Georges de Beauce:

VBS and Local Outreach in Uruguay
Summer 2016

Montevideo, Uruguay

From a recent "Jeromins in Uruguay"  newsletter:

This week (July 5-7, 2016), Pastor Markus Jeromin, who is currently serving with the OP Mission in Uruguay (where the seasons are opposite of ours!), is leading a Winter Outreach at the new church plant in La Blanqueada.  A team of nine Americans (3 of whom speak Spanish) has traveled to Uruguay to help present a VBS at the church, and participate in questionnaire evangelism in the local community.  

The Mission is extremely grateful for the team's help, and requests prayer for: 

  • a good turn out to the VBS
  • responsiveness to their evangelism efforts
  • new souls to be added to Christ’s worship and church 

The Boardwalk Chapel
Summer 2016

Photo from the Chapel's Facebook Page

From a recent post at the Boardwalk Chapel's Facebook page:

"It is hard to describe the abounding joy that our staff experienced last night... Last night marked our second "midnight dinner" for our friends who work along the boardwalk. The Lord drew about 17 people to come by the Chapel to eat, laugh, and talk with us, most of them from Egypt, Russia, or local to the New Jersey area.

As we made new friends or got to better know old ones, Gospel conversations flourished. Several of them gladly took Russian or Arabic New Testaments and various tracts. A few of them left so reluctantly that we had to promise to drop by their workplaces and let them know when the next dinner would take place.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to deepen our friendships with these friends, and stir their hearts by His Spirit to show them their need for Jesus. And thank Him for the universal language of laughter, good food, and the Gospel that reaches across all cultural and national lines."

  • The Chapel's Calendar includes special events as well as the names of guest pastors and churches sending weekly ministry teams 
  • Support the work of the Chapel
  • Join the "end of summer" Volunteer Staff
  • Visit the Chapel with your Youth Group for a weekend this September
  • Sign up your church group to serve as a Ministry Team next summer
  • Read the Boardwalk Chapel Newsletter No. 14, June 2016
  • Sign Up to receive the Boardwalk Chapel newsletter

Prayer Calendar 


Please pray for physical safety, spiritual growth, open doors, and boldness in witness for all those participating in OPC short-term missions this summer!


  • Village evangelism in Uganda


  • Boardwalk Chapel evangelism in Wildwood, New Jersey


  • English for Kids Bible Camps in Quebec
  • English House outreach to university students in Asia


  • Short-termer assists OP missionaries in Asia
  • VBS and local evangelism in Uruguay
  • Two work teams help refurbish OP church building in Utah
  • English Family Camp in the Czech Republic
  • Venture Mission outreach on Indian reservations in the Midwest
  • Local outreach in San Antonio with help from a team from Hatboro, PA


  • Team Praha - 3 weeks of outreach and evangelism in the Czech Republic


  • English for Teens Bible Camping Trip in Quebec

Current Opportunities 


Missionary Associate Needed in Quebec

If you are a young man or woman who . . . 

  • is a professing believer of Reformed conviction
  • can speak French or desires to learn the language
  • can make a commitment of at least one year
  • desires to assist in outreach and discipleship ministries on a foreign mission field
  • could be available this fall 2016 or by January 2017

. . . you are encouraged to apply to serve as a Missionary Associate to work with Rev. Ben Westerveld, OP Missionary and Pastor of St-Marc’s Reformed Church in Quebec City.


Rev. Douglas Clawson
Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions


Teachers Needed in Uganda

Men, women, or couples who desire to serve on a foreign mission field are invited to apply to serve as teachers for 1-3 months or longer with the OP Uganda Mission's "Karamoja Education Outreach" project (KEO)!

College students seeking an independent study project are also encouraged to apply!  Dr. Martha Wright is qualified and available to supervise your work!


Year-Round Opportunities 


Key West

Bring your church group for a week of classroom training and practical experience in evangelism in beautiful Key West, Florida!  

Rev. Bill Welzien
Keys Evangelistic Ministries


Join in a "Cafe Anglais" (English Cafe), reaching out to French-speaking citizens in the parks and malls of Quebec City!

Rev. Ben Westerveld


South Korea

The Missionary Training Institute (MTI) in Yeosu, South Korea, is a residential community seeking teachers for its ESL Program.

Mrs. Mihyang Choi-Yoon


There are many different ways to serve on a short-term basis with the OP Uganda Mission year-round!

Mrs. Sunshine Okken


Missionary Associate Openings

A missionary associate (MA) is an individual who is appointed by the Committee on Foreign Missions to labor on an OP foreign mission field without cost to the committee. There is an application process, and terms of service are generally 3 months to 2 years.

Individuals able to teach English at the university level (must have at least a Bachelor's degree) to start in September 2016 or February 2017. Minimum commitment of one year.  


Rev. Douglas Clawson
Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions


A young man or woman able to speak French (or interested in learning to speak French) to assist in the outreach and discipleship ministries of St. Marc's Reformed Church.


  • Two individuals to assist our missionary families in Mbale with homeschooling and more.
  • Two individuals to participate in the Karamoja Education Outreach program.
  • Skilled individuals to assist our missionary deacons.

STM Resources


Short-Term Missions Brochures

Contact us if you would like a supply of Short-Term Missions brochures to distribute in your church.

Mr. David Nakhla


Can Your Church
Use a Team?

Is there a project that your church could undertake if it had the help of volunteers from another OP church or presbytery? For example:

  • Need help with Vacation Bible School?
  • Need help with community outreach?
  • ​Need help making improvements to your church building?

In making such a need known, your church actually provides an opportunity for those who seek to share their time, gifts, and skills with others in the OPC!

We can help you get the word out and look for a team!  Contact us at for further information, or click below to complete a form to request a team to help your church!


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