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8 Smart Kitchen Innovations From CES 2014
From smart refrigerators and interoperability apps to futuristic cook tops and ranges, don't miss our roundup of innovative kitchen concepts on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. 

Food+Tech Meetup: How New Tech is Transforming Restaurants
Join us on Thursday, January 30th for “How New Tech is Transforming Restaurants" - an inside look at restaurant tech startup models. Each presenter will have 5 minutes to demo and 5 minutes for audience Q&A, followed by drinks, snacks and networking. Register HERE.

Delivery Hero Secures $88M Series E, Aims to Conquer European Online Delivery Space
The restaurant delivery startup that has 55,000 restaurant partners in 14 countries world-wide, has delivered to 6 million consumers and has generated over $500 million in sales annually for its restaurants just raised a whopping $88M Series E. 

Infographic of the Week: Facts & Figures of Global Animal Production
The Meat Atlas, a new report and graphic guide produced by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, leverages data to highlight the devastating effects of global meat and dairy production, on everything from from water pollution to obesity.

Last Week’s Top 6 Food Tech & Innovation Stories
How Plated Used Data to Raise Its $5M Series A, Inside McDonald’s Quest For Sustainable Beef and more in our top food tech stories from January 6-13.


Food Delivery Service Fluc Lets You Schedule All Your Meals for a Year in Advance (Exclusive) - Venture Beat
Fluc powers an online food delivery service currently active in Palo Alto, Calif. and neighboring towns. Last week the company unveiled its latest product –  a scheduling system that lets people or businesses place delivery orders 365 days in advance, from and to multiple locations.

Former Lululemon CEO to Run Healthy Foods Startup - Wall Street Journal
Christine Day, who stepped down as chief executive of Lululemon, has lined up her next gig—CEO of a startup that sells healthy prepared foods and is backed by Derek Jeter and Jennifer Garner.

The Daily Startup: Culinary Agents Launches Chefs’ Networking Site - Wall Street Journal
Culinary Agents Inc., a sort of LinkedIn for culinary professionals started by a former International Business Machines Corp. executive, has raised $500,000 in seed funding.

2014 Voice of the Customer Trends: What Food Service Providers Need to Know for Guest Experience Success - Customer Think
As we enter 2014, the push for truly remarkable guest experiences will become even more intense. The providers that rise above will be those that are adept at capturing integrated guest feedback and converting it into meaningful improvements.

Startup Resources

101 Additional Organizations to Watch in 2014 - Food Tank
Based on hundreds of additional recommendations for other organizations playing a vital part in creating a better food system, Food Tank compiled another list of 101 food organizations to follow. 

Don’t Let These Three Bottlenecks Slow Down Local Food Growth in Your Community - Be a Localist
Based on what the company learned from building online marketplaces for food entrepreneurs developing a wide variety of business models, Local Orbit compiled this list of of common bottlenecks that have slowed down its customers. 

A VC’s 10 Startup Secrets He Wishes He Had Known As An Entrepreneur - PandoDaily
Michael Skok, partner at North Bridge Venture, offers his top 10 insights to help entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls.


Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass - USDA
The USDA has launched new online involvement tools that help you learn how it supports local and regional food economies and explore what's happening near you.

If Urban Farming Took Off, What Would Boston Look Like? - Boston Globe
A new ordinance makes it legal, even easy, to start a farm in the city. Here’s what the future could hold.


3D Food Printers Hit Kitchens and Restaurants as Technology and Edible Ingredients Combine to Create Everything from Cake Toppers to Pizzas - National Post 
3D Systems, a 3D printing company, has just launched the ChefJet, a kitchen-ready printer that creates three-dimensional geometric shapes out of chocolate and sugar.

Retailers Look To Sell Sustainability Of Food - Earth Eats
Consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for foods they believe were sustainably produced, like free-range chicken, fair-trade coffee and pesticide-free wine. But what does “sustainable” actually mean?

Members of Congress, Farmers and Businesses Call on Obama to Fulfill Campaign Promise on GMO Labeling - Huffington Post
A press conference last week offered a beacon of hope for farmers and activists on Capitol Hill, as members of Congress and 200 organizations demanded Obama fulfill his 2007 campaign promises to label GMOs.

Edible Intelligence: 4 Ways Labels May Change in 2014 - Food Dive
Like food, labels are something we need, but are at constant risk of abusing. The FDA regulates what can, as well as what must, be put on our food product labels. But what changes, if any, are we in store for in the coming year? 


Big Data Can Save Fuel and Boost Profits for Home Delivery Food Retailers - E2B Pulse
New research indicate that retailers offering home deliveries for food could cut their fuel consumption, boost their profits by four per cent and improve customer service through offering incentives to customers to take delivery in the most profitable time slots.

Traceability Tech Market to Hit $14bn - Food Production Daily
The worldwide proliferation of food track-and-trace technology is expected to continue marching on to 2020 and beyond. 


Cash Or Credit? How Kids Pay For School Lunch Matters For Health - NPR
Researchers may have identified one surprising new factor in why kids are overeating. Compared with kids who use cash in school cafeterias, kids who use debit cards seem to make more unhealthful eating choices. 

Store Your Complete Medical History In This Handy iPad App - Fast Company - FastCoDesign
Hello Doctor, by Israeli designer Ziv Meltzer, is an iPad app that captures, stores, and catalogs your medical records. It can import the documents via camera, email, or Dropbox, so whenever you change doctors or travel abroad, your personal data comes with you.

Home-based Monitor for Patient Data Gets FDA Clearance - Modern Healthcare
A touch screen wireless home device that serves as a hub for receipt and transmission of patient-generated healthcare data has received market clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.


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