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In this Issue:

• Launch of Bp Premier Indigo SP1
• Consent Guidelines and how it can affect your Practice
• Our new Commercial Partner Program
• Hints and Tips for users of VIP Gold Software for Allied Health
• Bp SMS in Bp Allied and Bp VIP.net
• Bp Premier Group Training
• Remote Training for Bp VIP.net, Bp Allied and Bp Premier


Bp Premier Indigo now Super Powered

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our new release of Bp Premier - Indigo Service Pack 1 [SP1], has been launched this week.  While SP stands for Service Pack, it could also stand for Super Powered!

Best Practice Software’s General Manager Innovation and Development, John Rayfield, said Indigo SP1 includes significant enhancements to electronic communications; including consent options and patient enrolment features, and Bp SMS functionalities to Bp Premier.

“We are very pleased to launch Bp Premier Indigo SP1, with many management and clinical changes that will benefit general practice around Australia” Mr Rayfield said. “We have created some invaluable supporting material to help our customers navigate our latest release, including Quick Reference Guides, Videos and updates to our ever popular Bp Premier Knowledge Base” Mr Rayfield said. 

Be Premier Indigo SP1 Snapshot

Enhanced Bp Comms consent and enrolment

  • As part of the enhanced Bp Comms feature, Practices must choose which electronic communication consent options they want to implement in their practice as this determines what is available for the individual patients to consent to
  • Patients must consent to the additional clinical-related consent options and either go through a 2-stage mobile number verification process or 1-stage enrolment. All this will be explained in the resource material

Enhanced SMS functionality

  • The ability to directly SMS patients from the Inbox
  • Be able to send a SMS directly from the Patient record
  • Follow-up of patient results will be made easier with the inclusion of the Bp SMS feature available in the Follow up Inbox
  • Reminders can now be sent to consented patients using Bp SMS
  • Database (Utilities) Search - utilise Bp Premier’s inbuilt search tool to identify groups of patients and contact them using the Bp SMS service
  • Default templates are available for each type of message

Contact notes

  • The ability to record a note for all electronic communications with a patient
  • All messages to an individual patient can be viewed from Patient demographics and the Patient clinical record
  • All messages sent to all patients can be viewed from the main Bp screen (used to check for failed messages)

Access to additional Provider directories

  • HealthLink online directory
  • HealthShare referral directory


  • Integrates with the SafeScript real time prescription monitoring  project (Victoria only)

Bp Premier customers can upgrade to Indigo SP1 directly from the Best Practice website. Resource materials will also be sent to every customer in the coming weeks.  

For more details on Bp Premier email or phone 1300 40 1111 (Option 1, then Option 2).

What is all the fuss about Consent?

For Australian users of Bp Premier

With Bp Premier’s new release Indigo SP1 now launched with many new types of communications possible between you and your patients, it is important that Practices have a thorough understanding of Consent Guidelines.

Practices obtain consent from every adult patient for both business and health-related reasons, but did you know that there are four components needed for a valid consent? The patient must be adequately informed, they consent voluntarily, the consent is current and specific, and the patient has the capacity to understand their consent.

Therefore, it is important to give your patients as much information as possible about what they are consenting to, such as using the example provided by Best Practice for consenting to Bp Comms found here.

There are two types of consent that are relevant to health service providers, Implied and Express (explicit) consent.

Implied consent occurs when it may be reasonably inferred from the circumstances and context of the health service provider – patient interaction. Examples of what could be inferred are: follow-up on treatment the patient is currently receiving, communications in relation to an established care plan, or notification of results.

Express consent is required when sending specific communication to a patient and implied consent is not applicable. This is when the practice is sending out marketing, promotional or indiscriminate information such as communicating to all patients there is a new provider at the Practice or telling all patients the influenza vaccination is available from the Practice. For these communications it is important to include OPTOUT in the message.
The above information can be found in an article here from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Best Practice launches new Commercial Partner Program

Bp Partner Network set to soar in March 2019

Best Practice Software enters a new era with our partners, with the launch of the Bp Partner Network.

Bp CEO Dr Frank Pyefinch said the new Bp Partner Network will formalise arrangements, some of which have been in place since Best Practice Software’s inception in 2004.

“We are launching this new program to formalise the terms, conditions, and foundations of the contractual relationship we have with all third party vendors and commercial partners who integrate with our software” Dr Pyefinch said. 

“We’re seeking to not only grow the number of commercial partners to provide new programmatic and integration features for our software users, but also formalise our internal systems, policies, processes and benefits that underpin our commercial partnership program” said Dr Pyefinch. 

“Our aim is to put in place simple accreditation steps that help ensure we’re working with vendors who share our philosophies and beliefs, and then celebrate that mutual partnership and collaboration through a new promoted tiered partnership model” he added

Another important reason for the new Bp Partner Network is security. “We’re implementing important new security protocols, including the tokenisation of Stored Procedures and Tables, in the Bp Premier database” said Dr Pyefinch. “The new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme requirements are also a key focus of our new Bp Partner Network” he added.

Current partners have already started receiving information, including a survey, as the new program moves through the planning stages, to ensure it meets partners’ needs.

For businesses interested in integrating with Best Practice Software and wanting to know the benefits of being part of the Bp Partner Network, email us

Make the most of your VIP Gold Software for Allied Health

For New Zealand and Australian users of VIP Gold for Allied Health

You may have been using VIP Gold for Allied Health for quite a while, but you may not have been using it to its full capacity.

There are many Electronic Notes functions that could improve the care you give your clients, making your work more streamlined and records more centralised.

It’s all there in the software – from tests you can give patients to treatment plans.

Types of Electronic Notes:

  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Follow up
  • GoalSmart
  • Discharge
  • Hand injury, range of movement and tests
  • Upper and lower body tests *

And two that Bp Support can help you set up:

  • Exercise vitals
  • Treatment plan


  • Additional and extensive diagnosis, assessment, treatment and outcome measurement data
  • Standard measurements, i.e. Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS), Pain Scale Function Scale (PSFS) and Global Rating of Change (GROC) Scale.
  • The Pain Scale Function Scale and Outcome Measure occur on more than one form and, once entered, the content appears on other forms with the same fields.  Visit notes can be printed for some forms: OCM, DSC and ACC OCM.
  • Visit and measurement data can be shared across forms
  • Visit note data can be included within communications including letters, referrals and reports

Make VIP Gold for Allied Health your “one stop” for patient consultation and care.

Accessing the Electronic Notes is simple - go to the Medical Desktop by highlighting or selecting the patient and pressing the F11 key.

If you need help accessing the Electronic Notes or setting up Exercise Vitals and Treatment Plans contact our friendly support team on 1300 40 1111 (in Australia) or 0800 40 1111 (in New Zealand).  Just use options 2, then 1.  Alternatively, you can email us here.


Get connected with Bp SMS in Bp Allied and Bp VIP.net

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp Allied and Bp VIP.net

With Bp Support being phased out for MemoTXT in Bp.VIP.net Ruby release and for SMS Global in Bp Allied Version 6, Bp SMS is the smart, economical, integrated way to communicate with your patients.

The Benefits of Bp SMS

  • Integrates seamlessly into the Bp Allied Version 6 Release Appointment module and Bp VIP.net Ruby Release Appointment Book
  • SMS appointment reminders can deliver significant cost savings by reducing patient “no shows”
  • Patients can receive valuable appointment reminders direct to their mobile phone
  • Seamless two-way SMS, allows Patients to confirm an appointment via SMS with a simple YES reply.
  • Simple workflows & templates to automate reminders for Reception staff and Practice Managers.


  • Tailored Practice or User SMS templates in Bp Allied and Interchangeable Practice SMS templates in Bp VIP.net
  • Customise SMS Appointment reminder scheduling and send times
  • Message your clients directly via the Send SMS function within the Client Record or Appointment Book in Bp Allied.
  • Delivery Reports in Bp VIP.net – confirmation that the patient received the SMS.
  • Only quality Tier One SMS Providers used.
  • SMS credits have no expiry date

New Year Offer

When you buy your first Bp SMS pack we'll give you extra SMS Credits.

To find out more or register for Bp SMS simply email us or contact our sales team on 1300 40 1111 (in Australia) or 0800 40 1111 (in New Zealand).

Bp Premier Group Training

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Are you new to Bp Premier and need some help getting started?  Or would you like to learn some helpful shortcuts, tips and tricks for increased practice efficiency and improved patient experience?

Come and join our trainers at one of the Group Training sessions being held across Australia in 2019. Our trainers will be visiting Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney throughout the year.

With hands-on, interactive sessions our friendly trainers can help you become confident in using the Bp Premier and have your team up and running quickly.

Our courses have received a revamp this year with training on new or updated features, useful tools and plenty of activities so you can "practice practice practice"!

The full-day Clinical Essentials course will take you step-by-step through the essentials needed for completing a consult including prescribing, investigation request.  Our trainers will also demonstrate the different tools you can use to save you time writing consult notes and recording patient information.

Our Management Essentials course is now being offered as a full-day and now includes more in-depth financial management including creating accounts, adjusting accounts, Medicare Claiming and banking. This course will cover everything your reception team need for smooth daily processes and workflow.

Our new look Advanced Management course will be running for a full-day and will cover not only all the ins and out of setting up your practice, but we will now also be reviewing managing your practice using Bp tools including;

  • Data checks – maintaining quality data records
  • Using reports to audit your practice
  • What is eHealth and Practice Incentive Program
  • Using 3rd party products such as Secure Messaging & Electronic Scripts
  • Using Bp to help with preparing for Accreditation

A brand new course will be offered this year for Bp Comms. During this half-day course our trainers will showcase the new features available to assist with communicating securely and seamlessly with your patients.  We will also review how this can help improve your recall workflow and practice efficiencies.

So if you would like to join one of our fantastic training course click on the link Bp Classroom to view the dates will be in your city.

Alternatively, call our Product Knowledge, Training and Deployment Team via email or on 1300 40 1111 (pressing option 1 for Bp Premier and then option 3 for Training).

Remote Training

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp VIP.net, Bp Allied and Bp Premier

If you have new team members starting in your Practice or are welcoming a new doctor to your practice and in-class training is not an option, why not join one of our trainers for customised remote training session. 

Whether you are working with Bp Premier, Bp Allied or Bp VIP.net one of our trainers is available to train your team online.

With remote training all you need is access to a computer, internet and a phone.  Your training can then be conducted anywhere!

Our trainers can discuss the training needs for your team or for an individual and recommend a training plan.  Our customised sessions can be one-on-one or with your whole practice and can accessed via multiple computers if required.

The remote training session are recorded allowing you to use it as a training tool for new team members in the future. A link will be provided to enable unlimited access to your recording anywhere, anytime.

You will also have access to a variety of tools and resources on a broad range of topics including clinical consults and components, reception workflow, financials and much more.

If you would like to discuss your training needs or have some questions about remote training please contact our Product Knowledge, Training and Deployment Team via email or call on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand (pressing the relevant option for your software product and then option 3 for Training). Alternatively, click on the link Bp Learning to send us a message or book training.