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Learn about the new Saskatchewan Recycling Regulations that could mean legal and financial obligations for your business


Saskatchewan Businesses Affected by The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations

  Food manufacturers
  Consumer Packaged Goods
(e.g., cosmetics, electronics, toys, etc.)
  Retail Businesses (e.g., grocery, general merchandise, convenience, drug store)
  Banks and Credit Unions
  Quick Service Restaurants
  Newspaper and Magazine Publishers
  Paper Manufacturers
  And more

If your business sells packaged goods or supplies paper to Saskatchewan residents, please read this notice.

What’s this got to do with my business?

Your business may be legally and financially responsible for financing up to 75% of municipal costs to recycle packaging and paper collected from Saskatchewan residents.

Don’t municipalities and their ratepayers pay for recycling and garbage collection?

The Saskatchewan government has passed Regulations that require businesses to finance up to 75% of the cost of municipal recycling programs for residential waste packaging and paper in Saskatchewan.

How do I know if these Regulations affect my business?

If you have a permanent establishment in Saskatchewan and you are a brand owner, franchisor or first importer (i.e., retailer or distributor) of packaged goods or paper sold to residents, then you likely meet the definition of “steward” as set out in The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations in Saskatchewan.

What if my business is not resident in Saskatchewan?

A business that is located outside of Saskatchewan but has operations elsewhere in Canada and supplies packaging or paper to Saskatchewan residents can volunteer to be a steward.  Section 6(1) of the Regulations enables volunteer stewards to assume responsibility for their packaging and/or paper and relieve first importers (retailers and distributors) of that obligation.

How can I ensure my business is in compliance with these Regulations?

The Regulations provide stewards with two options:

  • Stewards can develop a product management program and submit it for approval to the Saskatchewan Minister of Environment by August 6, 2013; or
  • Stewards can join an organization such as Multi-Material Stewardship Western that is developing and submitting a product management program to the Minister on behalf of its industry members.
Register to Attend a Stakeholder Consultation Meeting

MMSW is hosting a consultation meeting on the draft product management program. Participants may attend in person or online through a simultneous webcast:

  Date: Tuesday, June 11
  Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CST/MDT
  Location: Saskatoon Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, 2002 Airport Drive, Saskatoon


REGISTER NOW to attend the consultation in person or by webcast.

Participants who register to attend the consultation meeting by webcast will be sent information by email on Monday, June 10 with instructions on how to log in to the webcast.

Questions about the consultation meeting or simultaneous webcast can be emailed to:

What happens if I do not comply with the Regulations?

Failure to comply with The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations is considered an offense under Section 74(2) of The Environmental Management and Protection Act and could result in a fine of up to $1,000,000 and imprisonment of up to three years.

Who is MMSW?

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) is a not-for-profit agency established to develop a product management program for residential waste packaging and paper on behalf of stewards obligated under The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations.

How do I learn more about MMSW’s product management program?

MMSW will hold a consultation meeting and webcast on Tuesday, June 11 in Saskatoon.

MMSW will post the draft product management program on the MMSW website prior to the consultation meeting for stakeholder review and comment.

How do stewards join MMSW?

MMSW is acting on behalf of obligated stewards to develop and submit a product management program by the August 6, 2013 submission deadline.  The commercial arrangements between MMSW and stewards will be determined as part of the product management program development and implementation process.  Stay tuned for more details.


For questions about MMSW’s draft product management program please: