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CEP interview: Hazel Kemshall on the SOMEC project

“This issue is a serious one”.  SOMEC researcher Hazel Kemshall of the Demontfort University (UK) marks in a few words the scale of harm posed to the EU community by serious violent or sexual offenders who travel across EU borders. The EU funded project SOMEC  (Serious Offending by Mobile European Criminals) aims to improve information exchange and cross-border supervision. An interview with Hazel Kemshall on the findings and recommendations of the SOMEC project.

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Research note

CEP would like to inform you on the latest research on probation projects. Co-producing Desistance is a research project examining the use of social co-operative structures of employment as a mechanism for supporting the resettlement of prisoners and enabling longer term processes of desistance. This project is run by Beth Weaver at the University of Strathclyde and will run from January 2015-2018. 

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People in probation

From bars to barista

In post-sentence care, finding employment is challenging, especially for the young and uneducated. In Rotterdam (the Netherlands) a new opened coffee bar serving high quality coffee offers a fresh new start in life. A new form of reintegration. 

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Reading corner

New feature on CEP’s website is the bookshelf. Presenting the latest must reads on probation issues. This month on our shelf : Offender release and supervision: The role of Courts and the use of discretion by Martine Herzog-Evans.

Your book or publication on CEP’s bookshelf? Send an e-mail and a resume to communications@cep-probation.org

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