Succesful Conference on Restorative Justice and Probation

As mediation in Europe continues to develop itself more and more as a viable option for handling conflicts, increasing attention nowadays is being given to ways in which it can be integrated into judicial frameworks so that it can be used as a primary disputing process. More and more Probation services in Europe are making efforts to change their traditional “offender focussed” format into a format of “offender and victim are two sides of the same coin".

CEP and the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (which is this year celebrating its 15th anniversary) therefore decided to jointly organise a conference focused on the use of restorative justice during probation, the use of mediation between offender and victim during the criminal proceeding and counselling, and the support and cooperation for the victim within the probation service. The conference took place last September.

For those who missed it, here you can download the presentations.


E-supervision: an innovative method for behavioural change

Which interventions really have an impact on human behaviour? And more specifically the behaviour of juvenile delinquents. A question Janine Plaisier of Impact R&D (Amsterdam, Netherlands) aims to answer by launching the pilot of an innovative e-supervision method in which young (ex-)offenders receive personalized text messages on their mobile phone.

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