Performing Arts: Inquiry learning and co-curricular program

JPC has a varied and broad Performing Arts co-curricular program. The Performing Arts teaching team works diligently in providing opportunities and experience for students to further explore and evolve their skills and passion. Our aim is to provide a co-curricular leaning environment that works in synergy with the current curriculum units being taught. We have found that the classroom teaching-learning environment get strengthens by co-curricular projects and activities. No doubt, classroom teaching is utmost important, yet for aesthetic development, character enrichment, spiritual and physical growth, co-curricular activities are equally relevant. The features and traits like extempore expression, speech fluency, co-ordination & communication, get empowered with co-curricular activities.

There is a Chinese proverb that says, ‘Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand’. I believe that this is the underlying concept of inquiry based learning. Inquiry is a technique that encourages students to discover or construct information instead of the teacher directly. The co-curricular environment provides the perfect platform for students to investigate and discover, allowing student to foster and cultivate their creative arts passion.       

Dance Fest 2017

Year 11 Dance students have been working collaboratively to produce an artistic dance work that is in response to the Aus Dance 2017 theme ‘right here, right now’. For the past six weeks, they have been undertaking the mammoth task during curriculum and co-curricular time to choreograph, audition, design, plot, create, lead and teach their piece to twenty-five students from Year 7-10. On Thursday three leaders visited the Aus Dance headquarters at Gorman House Arts Center to select, edit and create the sound for the five-minute creative piece. Emily Watt, Danijela Bodo and Mia Pennay, worked with Kimmo a ‘music wizard’ to fade, mash and select music. The students were in awe of the skill, knowledge and standard of equipment. The students expressed how great it was to have full creative ownership of what they were producing and a real privilege to work with experts in this field.

Emily Watt said ‘being a leader and director of Dance Fest this year, has really allowed me to develop many skills that I wouldn’t necessarily have developed if I was not part of this project. I have had exposure to real life skills, such as working with professionals, taking to organizations and making huge orders for costumes.’

Dance Nation

Students from Year 7-10 received their Dance Nation certificates on Wednesday, a co-curricular project that empowers young people via dance. Students last term performed at the National Convention Centre.

Jacquelyn Koina said ‘it was the most amazing experience. I would have never have thought that I would have had the confidence to dance in front of hundreds of people. It was a challenge, but I loved it!’    

Music: School Bands

Next Tuesday 29th August, JPC is hosting a musical extravaganza. All of our co-curricular bands will be performing all of their different sets, the music will range from rock to chilled out acoustic sounds. This event is not ticketed, if you would like to come to this event please contact Mr. Aron Lyon. 

Emily Lin said ‘my band is like my family here. I love playing music, it is a real escape.’

Arts Evening – Monday 4th September

Monday 4th September JPC is hosting our annual ‘Evening with the Arts’ event. This will be an opportunity for students studding Performing Arts and Visual Arts to present the work they have been creating in curriculum time but also co-curricular clubs. There will be performances from our Concert Band, Vocal Group, Dance Fest Troop, Photography, Media to mention but a few,there will be so much more on offer throughout the evening. This event will be student driven, from our student leaders within the Arts.

Shae Bright said ‘This year I have been given the opportunity to be a choreographer. There are not often many opportunities to be able to be the creative leader, so I feel like I am learning a lot.’  

D2: Drama

Miss Keane is continuing to provide a range of opportunities for our budding Drama students. Building on from last semesters co-curricular club, D2 is a drama club offered to all students who are wanting to develop their skills and techniques within the world of Drama. Students will be presenting their work on Wednesday 6th of September at our termly Drama Showcase. This will also be a presentation of curricular and co-curricular work. 

Emma Bramham Said ‘I find this club really fun. It’s something that I wouldn’t usually get to do during school hours. I love learning about physical comedy, as being in Year 8, I have never done anything like this before. I also love learning how to tell jokes’.


Faye Robertson

Performing Arts Coordinator

JPC’s First Restaurant a Success!

5 Year 11 hospitality students worked tirelessly on Wednesday 16th August, culminating in a lovely evening in the JPC restaurant. Their workmanship, comraderie and good humour got them through a long day and it was all definitely worth it for them to feel the sense of pride and accomplishment at feeding and serving a restaurant full of people good food that looked and tasted beautiful. Each student was responsible for preparing drinks or a dish, from the food ordering to the costing, preparing and plating up….and of course, cleaning up! We should be so very proud to have hospitality students of this calibre and commitment in year 11. 

The night was made complete with the beautiful entertainment from the JPC music students. Several volunteered, at very short notice, under the dedicated eyes of teachers Sharon Robinson and Jason Paris. Many thanks to Belinda Kelly our talented Canteen manager for her guidance and help throughout, Megan Hajduk and indeed all of the canteen staff, who always support our students’ endeavours. And thanks also to the lovely office staff for their help in preparing for the evening. A restaurant night can’t happen without patrons and we are very grateful to the JPC staff who attended the evening to support our college as well as the JPC parents and extended families who dined with us. Well done Eryn Benedictos, Gemma Guillot, Seakliv (Natalie) Chea, Parker Owen and Thomas Mugridge.  Very proud of you!


Ms Daley

Use of Microwaves in school

A decision has been made by our Leadership Team, that students will no longer be able to use the microwaves in the school canteen or the Food Tech rooms to reheat recess and lunch, as it is a Workplace Health and Safety issue.

Term 3 Drama Showcase

It’s that time of term again – the Drama showcase is here to dazzle you! Both Year 7 classes, 9/10 Elective Drama and members of D2, have been working extremely hard to create and perform various pieces of theatre this term. The Showcase will consist of assessment performances and self-devised scenes. Students have self-nominated to perform and are very eager to share their acts with you.


Please join us to support our budding actors as they amaze you with their growing talents!

Miss Sarah Keane



Next Tuesday,  JPC will be running the inaugural Senior Bands Showcase, featuring our two Unplugged Bands and Senior Rockband. The Showcase will be the first time the bands are featured with their own live gig! It will include a variety of musical genres such as Rock, RnB, Polynesian, Reggae, Soul and much more. This is an event not to be missed! Show starts at 4:30pm and concludes at 6:30pm in the Theatre. Light refreshments will be served at half time. See you all there!


Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction surveys of parents, students and staff will be conducted on behalf of all Catholic schools in the Diocese this term. The surveys are designed to gather feedback from parents, staff and students about their school and will be used to inform school improvement. Responses are confidential and individuals can not be identified.


The surveys will be launched via email on August 21 and close on September 1, 2017 using the email addresses supplied to the school. If you do not receive an email with a link to the survey on August 21, you can access and complete the survey at the following link.



Defence News

This year marks the 75th anniversaries of the battle of Milne Bay and the Kokoda campaign.  The Australian War Memorial will host a series of events in August, commemorating these anniversaries and the lives of those who died.  Also included will be the launch of the Milne Bay exhibition and a special Last Post Ceremony.  These events will take place from Friday 25 to Wednesday 30 August.  For more information on these special events, visit the website


Kookaburra Kids will be holding their first ACT Defence kids camp from the 25th-27th August.  Kookaburra Kids provides support to Defence kids who have a parent suffering mental health issues due to the Defence lifestyle.  For further details or to refer a child visit the link


Or feel free to contact me for more information.


Soldier On are running a new Family Ties program. This program is aimed to provide avenues to strengthen family bonds that have been affected by frontline service and provide tools for staying connected in the future.  For further information visit the website


Don’t forget this Saturday is ADFA’s Open Day!  Would you like to hear first hand about life at ADFA and personal military experiences?  Then go along and speak to one of the Air Force Officer Cadets or ADFA Navy Midshipmen.  There will also be Defence and University staff on hand to provide information on careers and courses.   The ADFA Open Day is on from 9:00am till 4:00pm on Saturday, August 26th.  For more information visit the website


Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns with your child. My Days at JPC are Tuesdays, Thursdays and odd weeks on Wednesdays.


Vicki Walsh


Music at Midday

On Tuesday, some of our Defence Students joined the JPC Concert Band and Miss Robinson, in attending “Music at Midday”.  This concert was performed by the Royal Military College (RMC) Band at the Canberra Theatre and showcased the RMC Band’s polished and professional talents.  Our Students were very impressed with the singing and instrumental solos and they thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


The RMC Band performance was amazing and awe-inspiring! Every song was executed perfectly and we were never bored. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Hunters Moon’ performed on the french horn, the drum and the bass guitar solos and the ABBA Medley. However the show was stolen by Rachel and her angelic voice. Every song she sung just captivated the audience, she even caught us dancing during ABBA! We had the opportunity to speak with her afterwards and she was so modest, I think Mrs Robinson was star struck! As well as the wonderful performance I also was able to socialise with friends from other year groups that I don’t see very often and the two bus rides were highly eventful. — Amber Telford

Our trip to the Canberra Theatre to see the RMC Band was an incredibly enjoyable experience. The band were absolutely amazing! They are very talented musicians and  singers. My favourite piece was the ABBA Medley, as it was very lively and you could see the band loved playing it. I also liked March to the Scaffold and eXceL as they included mallet percussion. I play the glockenspiel in our Concert Band, and it was great to hear one playing in a different band...I realised how loud and easy to hear I really am! It was also great to see such a wide variety of instruments across the whole band playing together and producing such a full, loud and beautiful sound. The Concert Band certainly can't wait to use some of the RMC's techniques in our next performance!
—Georgia Wallace


Lucy Cambridge

Today myself as well as four other students went to the ADFA campus with the AIME program. Today I wrote a story about my life that will go into a book along with all the other AIME mentees across Australia. We learnt about the sacrifices significant people in history have had to make to be where they are at this point of their lives or were at a point in their lives. We also got the opportunity to sing a twelve-month contract with AIME to become a full AIME mentor, which I am very excited for! The best part of the day was definitely when we when we were invited to train like the cadets at ADFA and learn how to use a laser simulated gun. When doing this activity, I had a cadet by my side teaching me all the proper uses of the laser gun and how to use it in a safe manner. To sum it all up today was loads of fun and is my favorite day we have had so far!

Braith Hartfield

Today we went to ADFA with our AIME mentors as-well as four other students from our college. Throughout the day we were learning about sacrificing; sacrificing to succeed in our goal in life. The day was split into different sections, having the first two parts of the day sitting in the auditorium talking and doing activities on being an AIME mentor. In the afternoon, we did a weapons simulation task. This involved us shooting four rounds using an F88 riffle, this gave us the chance to experience what it would be like to shoot a real one, while still being safe. I personally encourage others to think about going into defense, as well as learning about weapons etc.

Legacy Week

Next week is Legacy Week which is the annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the families of our returned Veterans. JPC will be selling bears, badges, pens and wristbands from the Front Office. They are priced from $2 up for the badges, $3 for the wristbands, $5 for the pens and $15 for the gorgeous bears.  All proceeds to go Legacy.

ACT Netball Carnival

On the 23rd of August, the Year 7/8 JPC Netball team attended the ACT Netball Carnival. The carnival involved the winners and runners-up from both the North side and South side carnivals, therefore the girls were set for a big day of competitive netball. After six tough games (in a row), the girls moved through to the semifinals against St Clare’s. Earlier in the day, they had both won and lost against St Clare’s, and the semifinal was just as close as the others. Unfortunately, the girls went down by just one goal. It was a courageous effort by the girls to get this far in the ACT competition and we are very proud of their efforts both at this carnival and the previous carnivals attended. Thank you to all those who assisted along the way, including parents, umpires and staff.


7/8 Team: Keely Dunbar, Mia D’Ambrosio, Jorja Greenwood, Chloe Thorpe, Claire Broker, Aimee Dawe, Georgia Gladman, Mia McGovern, Ruby Morrisey and Chloe Whybrow.

A Week-long BLAST

Science Week at JPC - A Week-long BLAST into “Future Earth”!


Last week saw JPC join the rest of Australia in celebrating National Science Week


To explore this year’s theme, “Future Earth”, the JPC Science, Sustainability and Integrated Maths and Science Departments joined forces to give students an exciting, engaging and just plain scientifically fun experience each recess and lunch break through the week which included Science Magic in the Labs interactive events, making our own take-home worm farms, watching an episode of War on Waste and full length feature film“The Martian”. The week culminated in 2 of our Year 10 students, Taylan McCluskey and Lachlan Richards, joining a studio audience at the CSIRO Black Mountain centre for a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Q&A with 5 Australian space scientists working around the world. Exploring big questions and coming up with big ideas to solve some of life's big problems are at the heart of STEM.

This is an exciting and important theme that allowed us to explore sustainability, energy, agriculture, water, technology and current research...............

University of Melbourne Interstate Student Day

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend their Information Day for interstate students and their families at their Parkville campus on Monday 2 October 9:00am – 5:00pm.

The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, the student experience and accommodation options. Participants will have an opportunity to ask current University of Melbourne students who have come from interstate about their experience and how they managed the transition. The program will also include a campus tour and residential college tour. Lunch will be provided on the day.

Date: Monday 2 October 2017

Location: University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010


Tertiary Institutions Open Day this Saturday

A reminder that all of the local Tertiary Institutions (ANU, UC, ACU, ADFA, CIT) are all having their Open Days this Saturday 26 August. This is a good opportunity to visit the campuses and to find out more information about the types of courses that are available to study at each institution.  Year 10 and 11 students are especially encouraged to make the most of this opportunity.

Calling all Musicians

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a professional musician, travelling the world, performing your music to thousands of people?

The first step is right in front of you! Sign up to be a part of our school band program. We cover all musical genres and want to give you the pathway to succeed in music! Whether you have a group of friends or it’s just yourself, sign up and get started! Applications can be found at the Student office. Any further information please email Aron Lyon at

Instrumental Music

Learning music can help students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and team work. Music helps students progress in other important learning areas such as Maths and English. Indeed, countries with a strong focus on music education tend to have higher scores in literacy and numeracy. Engaging music programs have been shown to help with attendance and can be particularly beneficial for students who are not achieving well in school.

All of this evidence for music’s extrinsic benefits make a strong case for music education, but should not overshadow the sheer joy people experience making music, nor the value of the artform itself.


Positions are currently available in our Instrumental Music Program. We offer Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Strings, Woodwind and Piano. Applications can be collected at the Student Office. If you have any other questions please email me at


1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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