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Announcement Time!

Did you miss out on yarn club in December?  Well you'll get a chance at a spot in the second half starting May 15th!  It's the same yarn club so all the skeins will be the same across the full year and half year clubs.  I'll be posting the listing to the club bright and early on May 15th, and the spots will be up for sale until June 11th or until all spots sell out.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns about yarn club, just send me an email and I'll be happy to chat with you! 

New Group Things

If you're a member of my Ravelry group you probably already know this, but if not I'll restate it here.  I've added bundles to our group!  It's an easy way to access all the patterns that seem to do well in a self striping yarn.  Anyone who is a member of my group can add patterns, so if you know of a pattern that you think works well feel free to add it!  It is currently a work in progress, but I'm sure we'll get a huge database going :)  You can see the bundles right here. 

Returning Yarn Colorways!


Stripe Pattern:

10 rows Mauve

10 rows Pink

10 rows White

See it knitted!

North Pole

Stripe Pattern:

7 rows Dk. Blue

3 rows Red

7 rows Lt. Blue

3 rows White

7 rows Green

3 rows Grey

See it knitted!



Stripe Pattern:

7 rows Green

7 rows Pale Yellow

7 rows Green

7 rows Pale Violet

See it knitted!

Kinetic Energy

Stripe Pattern:

7 rows Lt. Moss Green

7 rows Red

7 rows White

7 rows Dk. Moss Green

See it knitted!


Two more patterns for y'all to drool over this week:

1.  A knitted monster!  These look awesome in a stripey yarn, and I made mine out of Triolium in Density.  But you could use a DK or hold 2 strands of a fingering together to get the same effect.

2.  A baby sweater!  This pattern works up fabulously in pretty much any yarn, but looks particularly awesome in a self striping yarn.  With a contrast color for the band and cuffs, any new baby will be warm and snug in stripes :)  Here's 3 sweaters knit with momentum that are just to darling for words.