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Counting Trays

The way to dry off plastic serving trays at the Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen is simple. You stack them when they come out of the dish washer, face down, alternating which way they’re facing. You make a column of twenty trays, and then start the next column. Looking at columns of twenty trays is an easy way to estimate how many meals were served. 

When I get ready to leave, the trays are almost all stacked. There are always some trays on the bin in the dining room, in the washer or dripping off excess water. I usually make the rounds to get a final tally. 

For February 1, when there was lake-effect snow blowing in off Lake Michigan, we ended up serving 61 meals. For March 1, when the weather was somewhat better but still bitterly wintery, we served 66. 

Each tray represents a human being, it represents someone in need. Someone who made it to the Soup Kitchen and chose not to stay at home. The trays, which are so easy to count and forget about, represent why the Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen does its job and stays open despite lake effect blizzards. I know that we’ll be seeing many of those same faces again. And possibly the next time we’ll be serving and washing twice as many trays. It’s happened before and will happen again.

For more information about the Soup Kitchen and to volunteer, contact Daniel Drazen at 269.473.3816

by Daniel Drazen, Soup Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator


PMC 2015 Operating Budget

New Year! New Budget!  But first, we give thanks for God’s continued blessing and for your faithfulness during the past year. Generous December contributions once again enabled the surpassing of our combined Family Finance goal. Thank you so very much.

To target added support for mission based ministry, a budget identified as Kingdom Growth has been added to our Family Finance goals. Designed for committed support in addition to our regular offerings, Kingdom Growth will fund specific objectives as voted by the church board. This year’s initiatives range from directional signage to tablet devices for children’s SS attendance, and from electronic contribution kiosks to ministry based pastoral staff support. A fall campus evangelism series is also scheduled.

Faithfulness in regular giving and dedicated support for Kingdom Growth will expand the ministry of PMC. In unity may we experience the promise of Malachi 3:10 for His glory and purpose.

View 2015 Budget here

by Don Wilson, Chair Finance Committee  


What About Israel?

The flap this week over Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (whom I bumped into once in a department store in Helsinki, Finland—albeit at a secure distance), addressing the U.S. Congress without the invitation or approval of President Obama is no doubt more about personal chemistry than political protocol. But it certainly has raised among the chattering class the question of this nation’s historic ties to Israel.

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor 


Church in Business Session

Join us on Monday, March 9 at 6 p.m. in the PMC Commons for a dinner of soup and bread. The business meeting will start at 7 p.m. and will center around the 2015 church budget and Kingdom Growth Strategy.  

Come out, lend your voice, and be a part of PMCs bright future!



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