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October 4, 2017

Launch of Empire Life Class Plus 3.0 and closure of Class Plus 2.1

Empire Life is pleased to introduce Class Plus 3.0. Our new GWB is built on the principles of simplicity and choice and is available on October 23, 2017. Class Plus 2.1 is being closed to new policies effective Friday, October 20, 2017 (4 pm ET). Learn more.

Bonus Extended! Advisors can save time and earn $50 with eContract Delivery

Advisors can now meet settle requirements and clients can receive their life insurance contracts faster than ever before! To help encourage advisors to educate themselves and clients about eContract Delivery, a Bonus of $50 per Fast & Full application delivered via eContract Delivery will be paid to the advisor. This offer has been extended until December 29, 2017. Learn more. 

Replay of Seven Sins of Succession Triipss Webinar

If you missed the TRIIPSS Seven Sins of Succession Planning webinar on September 25, 2017, the replay is now available.

Many advisors are comfortable running their day-to-day business with the expectation that the sale of their practice will be smooth and seamless. This Webinar shares the seven sins of succession planning and what can be done to avoid them.

To obtain your CE credits, watch the full recorded webinar and complete the quiz.


Compliance Requirements for Advisors Contracting with Empire Life

Empire Life is a member of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and as such must comply with member requirements.

A CLHIA reference document released last year entitled “Insurer Systems for Monitoring Statutory Compliance of Advisors” now requires insurance carriers to obtain a copy of the advisor's disclosure template and a description of the needs-based selling process followed at time of contract.

Beginning in September 2017, a copy of the advisor's disclosure template and a description of the needs-based selling process the advisor follows must be submitted to Empire Life as part of the advisor contracting package. This supports answers to the compliance questions that are asked in Advisor Screening Questionnaire. Contracting cannot be approved until these requirements are received or meet the compliance requirements, 

It is important that customers are provided with quality information about products they are considering and how these products are appropriate for their needs. Customers also must be provided information about the company offering these products, the advisor and the advisor’s business relationships.

Please refer to Information Circular 2017-21 for more details.

Fast & Full Investment Application Limited Time Offer

A great feature of the new online Fast & Full Investment Application for segregated funds from Empire Life is the way it saves you time. Simple and convenient, you can now complete and submit a segregated fund application and transfer form without a single piece of paper.

Limited time $50 Bonus for the first application
Submit your first Fast & Full Investment Application between August 1 and October 31 and receive a $50 bonus on your next commission payment from Empire Life. Learn more.

To learn more about the Fast & Full Investment App visit fastandfull.ca/register.

We are implementing a change in our Investment Maturity Reset process

Going forward, when submitting Maturity Reset requests for multiple policies, we require the customer names along with the policy numbers. This will allow us to validate we are resetting the correct policies.

Please ensure the first and last names of the customers are listed on all reset requests. Otherwise, the request will be rejected until we receive the required information. The reset will be processed effective the date we receive the confirmation of the customer name.