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University Vespers Summer Edition

Aware of the fact that many students who stay at Andrews for the summer are in need of a place to bring in the Sabbath, Campus Ministries sought out a group of student volunteers to lead in University Vespers: Summer Edition. The summer edition of University Vespers ministers to students and families who want to draw closer to God. As student volunteers prayed and brainstormed, an exciting and relevant theme idea surfaced. The theme is "Growth": Growth with God, Growth with Self, and Growth with Others. Join us in praying that vespers this summer will be a vehicle for growing closer to God, closer into the image of Christ, and closer with one another. University Vespers, the summer edition, will include praise and worship, time in the Word, testimony, and various God-centered activities and events. Our desire is that people will not only have a place to worship as the Sabbath begins, but there will be real growth with God on a personal and intimate level. We want people to leave vespers knowing that they experienced the grace, mercy, and love of God. If you would like to get involved with this program, you may contact Campus Ministries at to become a part of the volunteer list. If you would like to attend this program, come on out to the PMC Youth Chapel on Friday evening. The program begins at 8 PM.

by Karacan Sayrun-Thomas, Andrews University student


Summer GROW Groups

Have you signed up for a summer GROW group yet? 

Take the opportunity to connect with others in our community while connecting with God. You can find an extensive list of GROW groups at the following link: Summer GROW Group Catalog. There is a GROW group for everyone! If you find one that captures your attention, we encourage you to sign up and join via our online registration: Registration form.

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