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FALL Specials & Promotions

Introducing our new community partnership!

Shop, Cook, and Eat local with ACME Farms + Kitchen

Each week AF+K customers receive a carefully curated array of fresh, local, seasonal food paired with recipes and a meal plan to turn our region’s bounty into dinner for your family. Order online each week and have a beautiful box of local food delivered to your doorstep. You’ll cut out trips to the store, save money on your grocery bill, answer the question of “what’s for dinner?” and most importantly, support dozens of farmers, fishers, ranchers, and artisan producers throughout our region. More details at

Enter the code "CMCNEWSLETTER" for $15 off your first order. 


Meet Our Newest Associates!


Dr. Todd Pendell, ND

Dr. Pendell specializes in primary care integrative medicine with an emphasis in men’s health, chronic disease management, gastrointestinal health, environmental medicine, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson disease.  His approach to healing utilizes myriad modalities including IV nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, the highest quality dietary supplementation, as well as nutrition and lifestyle counseling in order to provide his patients with a higher level of wellness and vitality.  His mature, caring, well-thought-out and well-educated approach to health care will provide the proper environment for his patients to experience renewed health and a better quality of living. 

Dr. Pendell looks forward to working with you to achieve your long-term health goals, and to helping each and every patient experience healthful, vital longevity, utilizing both the latest medical knowledge and diagnostics along with proven naturopathic remedies.


Dr. Stephanie Auerbach, ND

"Let food be your medicine."

Dr. Stephanie Auerbach treats the body as a cohesive system with an inherent ability to heal itself. She strongly believes it is just as important to address any immediate symptoms as it is to evaluate the underlying causes of each health complaint. As Dr. Auerbach’s patient, you are promised a supportive holistic approach and compassionate partnership to help understand and support your therapeutic needs and long-term health.

Holistic healthcare involves our everyday choices and actions as we strive to reach a higher level of personal wellness. She is a primary care physician who treats all acute and chronic health complaints, with special interests in gastrointestinal health, nutrition, weight loss, and craniosacral therapy.

Dr. Auerbach is also certified in AromaTouch therapy, which is a hands-on technique that uses a sequence of 8 different essential oils to help relieve stress and restore balance to the body.



Please call 503-252-8125 to schedule an appointment

with Dr. Pendell or Dr. Auerbach 


Dr. Auerbach's Fall Special!  

Mention promo code "cold&flu" when scheduling your next appointment

  • FREE essential oil roller with every AromaTouch appointment 
  • Help your body ward off the upcoming cold & flu season! Receive 10% OFF all immune-related essential oils when scheduling an office visit


Supplement Special!

50% off select Gemmos & numbered UNDAs