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TTM Notify


16 11 2020



New name for our news

We have a new name for our News - TTM Notify - which is short for Temporary Traffic Management Notify.

Waka Kotahi has formally changed how we deliver our temporary traffic management projects.

TTM Notify will be used to provide updates on all TTM matters including but not limited to the CoPTTM Review.

If you have any questions please contact the team at



Consolidating TTM Projects

Waka Kotahi has changed the way we deliver our temporary traffic management projects, including the CoPTTM Review.

A Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Project has been established and brings together the CoPTTM Review, TTM Training and Competency, and TTM Audit under one TTM umbrella.

By bringing these three work streams together it will enable Waka Kotahi to work across all three areas more efficiently, improve decision-making, reduce costs and allocate resources more appropriately. The TTM project team will be responsible for coordinating the successful delivery of all the work streams, building industry confidence and ensuring the wider industry is properly supported to undertake TTM work safely and correctly.

The Training & Competency model training materials and modules will be finalised once the feedback from the Roles & Responsibilities Stakeholder Review Group has been assessed, along with the other changes adopted within the code review workstream.

As part of the Audit work stream, the Waka Kotahi Summer Audit programme is now underway. Monthly reports outlining audit results will be provided to companies/ contractors/suppliers who have had their worksites and offices visited as part of the programme.

If you have any questions, contact the team via



Update on the CoPTTM Review

In our last issue we informed you that we received around 700 submissions through the CoPTTM Review process.

“I was really pleased to hear we had around 700 submissions,” says James Hughes, Waka Kotahi Lead Safety Advisor Roads and Roadsides. “We are committed to ensuring each submission is properly understood and considered so we are working alongside industry leads and technical experts. The Code is an important document, so we need to take the time to get the review done right.”

We have set up Stakeholder Review Groups (SRG) comprising industry members and group leads. Each group is responsible for reviewing specific subject groupings of submissions and to make recommendations.

Commencing later this month the SRG Leads with the Technical Review Group will review the recommendations for consideration by Waka Kotahi. Approved recommendations for change will be included in the updated CoPTTM.

In addition, the focus of the CoPTTM Review includes not only the submissions review but the inclusion of a more defined risk-based approach and use of hierarchy of control for temporary traffic management, and where suitable, adopting or aligning to the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) into the revised CoPTTM documentation.

Work is underway to prepare the risk-based approach to be applied in the CoPTTM for use as part of the submissions review process.

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Road Work Site Health and Safety Programme

The Road Work Site Health and Safety Programme (RWSHSP) is a joint programme between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ), with support from WorkSafe NZ and Local Government NZ (LGNZ). The Programme aims to ensure work in our road corridors is consistently undertaken in ways that do not cause harm to workers, the public and customers.

Over the next two years the aim is to engage with all stakeholders to review, redesign and implement improvements to the way we protect everyone in and around road work sites.

The CoPTTM Review, TTM Training and Competency, and TTM Audit work will significantly contribute to the outcomes of the RWSHSP.

More information about the programme will be shared at the webinar scheduled for 3 December - register below.



Next Webinar - 3 December 2020

On 3 December, Civil Contractors NZ, Waka Kotahi and WorkSafe NZ will share with industry members updates on the below:

  • TTM project
  • CoPTTM Review
  • Road Work Site Health and Safety Programme
  • Training
  • WorkSafe NZ Guidance for road workers

To register to attend click on the link below.