Monday September 21, 2009

Himalaya Studios is Back

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Himalaya Studios is back, and we come with exciting news to impart.

You may be wondering, “what exactly HAS the team at Himalaya Studios been doing since releasing the adventure game Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine?”  Well, read on for answers to your questions!

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New Game in Development

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That's right, we have commenced preliminary development on a brand NEW Himalaya Studios adventure game.

The game's plot details are currently under wraps, as we still need to sort through some final details. But we can confirm that, based on fan feedback, our forthcoming title will center around a fantasy, pseudo-medieval theme, similar to what Sierra fans have come to expect from the classic King's Quest and Quest for Glory games. Players will also have access to a specific class-based set of actions, with a total of 4 character classes to choose from.

Stay tuned and watch the news page on the Himalaya site for further announcements.

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News Updates

Take a look at our new adventurer’s log. In the coming months, you can expect to find regular entries about important topics and game development updates here.

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What Else is New?

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Check out our newly revamped homepage (best viewed in the latest version of FireFox). We have a new Games Store with a selection of handpicked, classic-style adventure games (and demos), while you await our upcoming project.  Be sure to check back often for new games!

We're now offering “Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine” at an all-time low price ($9.99 USD for both the Digital Download & Standard Editions, and $14.99 USD for the Collector's Edition).

Additionally, if you enjoy the art and design work of our games, we’ve got some great, high quality items in our new online merchandise store, which are well worth checking out.

So come and stop by the redesigned Himalaya Studios website . Join the merriment, play some games, and keep updated on the development of Himalaya Studios’ new project. To ensure that you never miss an update, you can additionally find us on Facebook and Twitter now. And, of course, you can read more about everything mentioned in this newsletter on our site.

See you there!

Happy Adventuring,

The Himalaya Studios Team

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