A very American beer brand invades Ontario Place. After two decades of people lamenting the loss of the rustic Forum rotating stage in favour of a sterile shed, the erstwhile Molson Canadian Ampitheatre is in for a change: the venue will now be known as the "Budweiser Stage." But the shlock sold by Live Nation will remain the same:

Super Bowl ad flap headed into sudden death. The CRTC’s two-year-old ruling that Canadians should be able to watch U.S. commercials during the Super Bowl is once again taking fire from Bell and its allies. The NFL even did some heavy Ottawa lobbying to try and salvage its all-around-lucrative commercial substitution deal with the Canadian telecom. Look, even free-market cheerleader Terence Corcoran is arguing for PMO intervention.

Old Gray Lady knows Canada is more shallow than deep. Canada's place atop a New York Times list of the “52 Places to Go in 2017” merited a link from Justin Trudeau. Accompanying stories about Ottawa and Saskatoon also earned meta-coverage—but where's Toronto?

“General disruptor! Where to start?” Bill Marshall, the co-founder of TIFF who died at 77 on New Year’s Day, is remembered by the festival’s current boss Piers Handling for having a vision of a city that didn’t shut down by 10:30. A broader Globe and Mail obituary notes that, prior to getting a job as David Crombie's chief of staff, Marshall was booked on an obscenity charge for producing a play called Futz—about a farmer who falls in love with his pig.

Real-life Kim’s Convenience a bigger hit than the sitcom. Jenny Kim, whose family owns Luke’s Grocery—on Logan between Danforth and Gerrard—filmed a squirrel dubbed the “Kinder Bueno Kleptomaniac” in October. In a Reddit post, she wondered if there was a way to make the constant stealing stop. A more widely covered clip, which Kim posted this week, saw a similar rodent scampering off with a Crunchie.

Tumbleweeds blow through Mirvish Village. The city survived its first week without Honest Ed’s—although the space will be re-invaded in late February. Nonetheless, one video tries to argue that the store's closing is “a massive blinking warning sign of where our city is headed.” But this glance at Suspect Video’s final hours next door is a more unique document:

This week in Joe Warmington’s Twitter account. And what a week! In which the Night Scrawler blamed Kathleen Wynne’s “nanny state” for wanting him to feel guilty about copious calorie consumption; got a writer for Upworthy to tell him to “get out of my mentions"; and, of course, that heartwarming story about how a Target Canada employee was smote for making fun of Nickelback. But the most Scrawler moment of all: congratulating Donald Trump for the U.S. hockey triumph at the World Juniors.

Word of the moment


Justice Bernd Zabel, who wore a hat emblazoned with the famed Trump slogan into his Hamilton courtroom the morning after the U.S. election, is now no longer allowed to hear cases.

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