“I’m angry because every time I go past this stretch of King Street I see that middle finger, and I feel like it’s directly at me.” While the “Fuddle Duddle” ice sculptures were melting away, Trevor Dunseith spoke up during Kit Kat owner Al Carbone's press conference, where Carbone claimed, without evidence, that traffic on King-adjacent routes had “increased an average of 12 minutes.” All it took for Dunseith’s interjection to be noticed was the fact that he was wearing a cap. But then, he knows what it's like to be a meme:

The mystery of the accused Gay Village serial killer’s history. Police continue to comb through the Leaside home of Bruce McArthur. It's believed that he sold a van with traces of blood in it, and his DNA was placed in a database following a 2003 conviction for assault with a weapon. (“He would not kill anybody,” said McArthur's sister, Sandra Burton.) McArthur was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman. Daily Xtra's source says the accused once dated Skanda Navaratnam, who was last seen in September 2010 leaving the now-closed Church-Wellsley bar Zipperz with an unknown man.

Viceland’s last trip on the specialty channel racket.Vice never belonged on TV; Rogers got taken for a ride,” surmises John Doyle, who previously criticized Viceland's programming as “tone deaf and terribly male.” The end of the partnership with Rogers also signals some end of hope that millennials will tune in for scheduled shows. Similarly, the Paramount Network has replaced Spike TV, whose "broiest" branding gets ironically shellacked here:

Regent Theatre’s would-be saviours look for some solutions on Roncesvalles. Councillor Josh Matlow led a big brainstorm about how Mount Pleasant's cinema can be preserved now that its owners have it up for sale. Inspiration came from Mark Elwood of the Revue Film Society, which saved Canada’s oldest continuously running movie theatre from shuttering a decade ago.

Celebrating the tax shelter slasher flick. Happy Birthday to Me, released alongside My Bloody Valentine in 1981 in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th, was infamous for being little more than a write-off. (How else could producers hire Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Sue Anderson and Hollywood emigré Glenn Ford to appear in such teen trash?) The forthcoming live cast reunion will feature at least three of the film's screamers—one of whom, Lenore Zann, has been a New Brunswick MLA.

Health Canada doubles down on fighting the Tide Pod Challenge. The high cost of bureaucratic tweeting on behalf of health minister Petitpas Taylor has highlighted her Twitter account's lack of engagement. But warnings against gobbling globs of detergent remain a winner for the department—way more successful than explaining why frozen breaded chicken needs to be cooked. The ministry initially stoked laughs by likening the pods to liquorice allsorts. But growing concern that the pods are a real problem brings on a more intense approach:

“Toronto’s Classiest Con Man” is free, for now. James Regan, whose strange journey through the monied classes was the subject of a story from The Walrus, was acquitted of assaulting a former landlord. But the alleged society crasher is still facing fraud charges, to which he plans to plead not guilty. He spent much of 2017 in jail, and now finding a new place to rent is impossible due to Google.

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Drake's new track, "Diplomatic Immunity," includes a boast that he violated this—which technically amounts to comparing himself to Adolf Hitler.

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