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Crudo Catarratto Zibibbo 2017

Crudo Catarratto Zibibbo 2017

If the weather hasn’t reminded you of the tropics (the heat, humidity and near-tropical storm conditions in some areas), or if the sounds and colours of Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival didn’t do the trick last weekend, maybe a glass of wine will complete the picture. Crudo Catarratto Zibibbo comes from the sun-baked island of Sicily and is bursting with refreshing tropical fruit.

Tasting Note: Crudo is a blend of two local Sicilian grapes, Catarratto and Zibibbo (a type of Muscat/Muscato). This blend gives Crudo a crisp citrus flavour while also showing ripe tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. 

Enjoy With:  Summer salads, seafood dishes, spicy Asian dishes or as a perfect apéritif before any meal.

Style: A slightly off-dry, fruity and balanced white wine.

Terroir / Region: Crudo hails from the island of Sicily where the climate creates perfect conditions for growing grapes organically, with the heat and winds of the Mediterranean preventing pests and many vineyard diseases from taking hold. The island’s altitude helps create balance in its wines, giving the white wines a refreshing acidity to match the ripe fruit.  This balance helped Crudo land a ‘Top Gold’ award and 96 points at the 2018 International Organic Wine Awards!

Producer: Mare Magnum was started by Mario Calzolari and Takis Soldatos, long-time colleagues in the Italian wine industry who were able to harness their contacts among local growers and winemakers to source wines which reflect the flavour and feeling of where they are from.

Availability: Crudo Catarratto Zibibbo is available year-round in the Italy section of your local LCBO. Grab a bottle tonight to complete your (mental) trip to the tropics!

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LCBO#: 528497

Sizes: 750mL

12.5% alc./vol.