Doug Ford will be the 26th Premier of Ontario. Victory for the Ontario PCs was spun by Andrea Horwath as enough of a win for the NDP and the subject of more philosophical despair for Kathleen Wynne, re-elected to the Liberal sliver of the backbench. So, there was no better night for the guy who made Premier Ford a reality to reveal that he’s fulfilling a promise to his grandma to marry at 40:

The blocked path from city hall to Queen’s Park. None of the city councillors hoping to become new MPPs pulled it off: Shelley Carroll and Denzil Minnan-Wong were defeated, while Chin Lee failed to unseat 81-year-old schoolyard scrapper Raymond Cho. Mayor John Tory cited transit expansion and mental-health-system support as two improvements he hopes are spawned from mom’s basement.

“He remembers being in Creston for the Avalanche Foundation, but doesn’t think he had any negative interactions there.” Justin Trudeau’s press secretary Matt Pascuzzo responded to new attention paid to a 2000 Creston Valley Advance editorial about how the PM apologized for a grope. The alligation was recycled by Frank two months ago, yet received a further surge of scrutiny as the newspaper clipping circulated on Twitter. Now, just as Donald Trump attends the G7 in Quebec, the story is riding the waves of right-wing clickbait:

Anthony Bourdain dead at 61. The suicide of the celebrity chef prompts a recall of when he visited Toronto in 2012 for The Layover, observing things like “all the worst architectural fads of the 20th century.” Bourdain more recently got into a spat over how he was portrayed by some media in Canada.

Senate approval of legal weed doesn't seem built for speed. Grinding through the machinations of federal legislation could mean an entire summer in which weed still can’t be bought legally—even if the endgame involves getting illegal dispensaries entirely out of the equation. Still, get ready for the gilded age of cannabis media content, which includes coverage of how not everybody wants to buy it from a store:

Ross Porter says he really did step down to “spend more time with his family and his ailing wife.” Staff turnover has been a fixture of Jazz FM 91, which leans on regular fundraising drives like one happening now. The recent retirement of its president and CEO, though, coincides with allegations accompanied by the argument that Porter should also no longer stick around as a host:

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Jim Carrey will take enough of a break from political paintings to star in a new show, playing a children’s TV host named Mr. Pickles.

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