Fire at the Radisson is a suspected arson. Police issued a photo of a woman they believe was involved in setting fire to a hotel near Highway 401 and Victoria Park. The same Radisson was the focus of a Toronto Sun story about how guests have reacted to sharing the hallways with a group of asylum-seekers:

Joe Cressy accused of trying to threaten a rival off the ballot. Spadina-Fort York council candidate Kevin Vuong claims that Cressy pressured him to drop out of the municipal election. Vuong is touting himself as an alternative not tethered to the NDP.

Condo elevator adverts foreshadow what’s feared from Sidewalk Toronto. Waterfront Toronto claims it’s “not shying away” from data privacy concerns surrounding its smart-city aspirations. But it’s not like these worries have to wait: screen platform Elev8 is under fire for collecting data for its advertisers through facial recognition in the lifts of Liberty Village:

Weed workers hoping to enter the U.S. “will generally be admissible.” Modified wording from the American customs agency somehow manages to raise even more questions about border crossing. Meanwhile, the reality of legal pot peddling looms nearer with the launch of the website for $5 Canada Post shipments from the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Estée Lauder got Brandon Truaxe exited from Deciem. Citing “extremely erratic and offensive behaviour” from the Toronto beauty brand founder, the skincare giant successfully salvaged its stake:

“Killing Toronto’s modernist architecture by bits and pieces.” Dave LeBlanc takes aim at recladdings like the one underway at the Simpson Tower as evidence of an unfortunate phenomenon. It’s also happening at the school around Spadina Crescent:

David Craig dead at 76. The radio newscaster was a fixture of CFRB through the ‘70s and ‘80s. Then he was the news director of 680 News in the ’90s. Craig also hosted a big band radio show and did weekend shifts for the CBC prior to his retirement at age 68.

Word of the moment


The word that John Tory failed to spell correctly during a campaign stop at the Spelling Bae.

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