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CFSK News V1 #3

Mike and Matt post partner 5-7-9 Deads/Hang Power Clean/Push Press...

Winner are Grinners!

Congrats to last weeks Pop Quiz winners..

The first 3 emails to hit my inbox were -

Ilya Furman, Brett Peterson and Cam Flynn.

Step up and collect your fresh new CFSK X SIME Anchor Tee gents!

and yes - the brain has 100billion neurons..


Gwen is 15-12-9 of unbroken sets of Clean & Jerk.

While most workouts are for time or reps, Gwen is for load. There is no rest or re-gripping at the floor. You start your set and hang on. If you fail a rep you re-start that set.

She is a challenging beast, with plenty of forearm pump!

Pic - Dave Phuah finishing his final rep while Gaz nurses forearm blowout and contemplates how he will play guitar all weekend....

The 5pm Gwen crew working on grip strength!

Nike Metcon v Reebok Nano.

I will state it unequivocally. I can be a bit of a brand snob. 

I dont need to validate why I do or dont like certain brands. Thats what it means to be a brand snob.

Whilst I dont live and breath Nike like "true" Nike devotees, needless to say there are lots of Nikes (and Vans) in my wardrobe.

When the word came out that there would be a Nike CrossFit Training shoe to go up against the bohemoth that is the Reebok Nano, I was super keen to see what Nike would deliver.

At the 2014 CrossFit Games I was lucky enough to snaffle a pair of the (at the time) yet to be released Nike Metcon via our mate Brandon Swan.(Kate was Brandons Chiro for the Games)

LIke many athletes at the Games, Brandon had been flowed a pair of Metcons by the Nike marketing team who had wisely selected the CrossFit Games to guerilla market their new baby to the CrossFit massed.

I think I was stopped 25 times in one day and asked what they were, how did they feel, had I trained in them, when can people buy them..

So how do the two shoes compare? Its hard for me to compare the most recent reebok Nano 3 & 4 to the Nike Metcon as I only had the Nano 3 for about a minute and hated it so much I got rid of them. I am a loyalist to the Nano 2 which I think is a great training shoe and what I am comparing to the Metcon.

Pros -

Metcon: Oly Lifting, Colourways, Tongue Anchors, styling, attention to detail.

Nano - Lighter (Nano 242 grams v Nike 303grams per shoe), Breathability, fit my foot better.

Cons -

Nano - Mediocre colourways, floppy tongue, dorky styling. (classic example of a brand trying way too hard to prove itself)

Metcon - Price, everyone is wearing them.

Aesthetically the Metcon is miles above the Nano. Mountain Hiking inspired laces and eyelets (Nike ACG) elastic tongue anchors (the tongue on my Nanos oftens slips slightly to the side) far superior colourways, a more progressive profile and a better overall design simply make the Nano look clumsy.  Which in many ways it is.

Reebok have had the market sewn up simply by putting the word 'CrossFit' on what at the time was a pretty basic/ugly shoe. Now that there is a genuine competitor they will naturally make changes to upcoming Nano's.

So, will I buy more Nike Metcons, Yes. Because I think they are a better looking shoe and they do exactly the same job as the Nano.

Will I buy more Nanos 2's - Yes. When these all black bad boys are done and dusted they will definitely be replaced. Will I buy Nano 5's and future Nano's  - only if they seriously tweak up the styling (and marketing) and get some better coulourways. (I have heard that the Nano 5 is a great improvement but I am yet to try them out)

Ed's note: Before I got involved in fitness I had many years in the 'Active Lifestyle' market, working with brands such as Alphanumeric, Elwood Clothing, Aesthetics Skateboards and Apparel, Globe Apparel and Footwear, VANS, and Pointer Shoes. I have always had a passion for observing trends, counter culture fashion and watching whats going on. 

Queens Birthday Partner Elizabeth WOD.

We ran this workout 'Grid' style with both athletes having to stay within 1rep of one another throughout the 21-15-9 Cleans (Power) and Dips/Hand Release Push Ups.

If an athlete got 2reps ahead, the team had to restart that particular set.. A couple of teams got very close to no-repping but everybody survived unscathed.

CFSK goes to The Cup.

The 2015 Reclink Community Cup is on again this Sunday June 21st.

This is the 21st year that the Cup has been held and (in my lowbrow opinion) is the best day of the year!

Aussie Rules Footy, cans of cold beer, dogs, rock n roll, and streakers! Its a classic Melbourne day and for a very good cause.

For those that are interestd in going, I will be buying tickets in advance so we can organise a CFSK picnic at The Cup. Tickets are $15.00 but we will need to see a show of hands asap.

To show your interest please email admin@crossfitstkilda.com 

Look Lame - WIN STUFF!

This week you have to pay to play to win free stuff..

Thanks to Anne at FB Salon in South Melb we have one free Cut and Colour (to the value of $237) on offer to a lucky CFSK member.

To play, all you have to do is upload a picture of your best/worst haircut to the CFSK facebook page.

The CFSK Coaches panel will then select what they feel is the best/worst haircut out of the bunch and the winner will receive a free haircut.

I will start the game with the above style that I like to call 'The ALF'.. circa 2008.. and no I did not leave the house looking like that.

Jump onto the CFSK Facebook page and post your pic.


Coming Up at CFSK...

Friday Drinks - Iddy Biddy Bar, Friday June 26th

Bring A Friend Day - Sunday June 28th

Inhouse Weightlifting Comp - Saturday July 4th

CFSK Movie Night - Date TBC