Brand Talks are back: The full line-up with 12 leading branding agencies and their top clients is now online.
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Brand Talks line-up online!

Dear Friends and Branding experts,

What do the Chief Digital Officer of one of the world’s most iconic car manufacturers, the former publishing director of Germany’s most read and hated tabloid newspaper, and Europe’s biggest health innovator and hospital operator have in common?

They are all part of Brand Talks 2018 – the program section for Branding and Corporate Design at TYPO Berlin. The full line-up including 12 agencies and their A-list clients has just been released online. Have a look here.

See you this May,
Your TYPO Berlin Team


Excerpt from the Program

Portrait Alex Mecklenburg

Opening Keynote:
Alex Mecklenburg

In her keynote “Mind the Hype”, Alex Mecklenburg is exploring the many ways that we deal with innovation. If not providing the answers, she certainly guarantees to inspire.

  Portrait Aaron Draplin

Logo Workshop:
Aaron Draplin

Get the inside scoop with Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. and make a logo the DDC way! The workshop will show examples of on-the-fly logo iterations. More info …

  Portrait Johann Jungwirth

Closing Speech:
Johan Jungwirth, VW

The final presentation will come from Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen. He will give his speech on “Human Thinking and Digital Transformation”.


TYPO 2018 Speaker

Overview TYPO Speakers 2018

Actual Source
Alexis Mark
dina Amin
Bettina Andresen
Armin Angerer
Edward Appleyard
Annie Atkins
Christian Bahlmann
Christoph Bender
Rita Braz
Breyer, Doria, Yendrys
Chris Campe
Elizabeth C. Smith
Snezhana Chernogortseva
Mattia Compagnucci
Antonia Cornelius
Natalie Deewan
Kai Diekmann
Petra Dočekalová
Aaron James Draplin
Marc Dumont
Stephanie Ebigt
Natalie Erdmann
Gerd Fleischmann
Saar Friedman
Andreas Frohloff
Timothy Goodman
Jens Grefen


Elvis Guo
Christian Hanke
Jonathan Hitchen
Judith Holly
Julius Hui
Kate Johnston
Johann Jungwirth
Golnar Kat Rahmani
Jonathan Key
Sonja Knecht
Wiebke Koch
Juju Kurihara
Charles Landry
Briar Levit
Peter Martin
Alejandro Masferrer
Alex Mecklenburg
Sam Meech
Andre jay Meissner
Madeleine Morley
Jamie Neely
Katrin Niesen
Toshi Omagari
Heinrich Paravicini
Marianna Paszkowska
Fidel Peugeot
Rüdiger Quass von Deyen
Stuart Radford


Ilke Rangette
Ulrike Rausch
Frank Rausch
Laura Reinke
Sarmishta Pantham
Lorenz Seeger
Carola Seybold
Radek Sidun
Patrick Marc Sommer
Specht Studio
Elliot Jay Stocks
Alix Stria
Ulrich Stumpf
Julia Sysmäläinen
Team Thursday
Erik van Blokland
Paul van der Laan
Hansje van Halem
Ed van Hinte
We Became Aware
Frederik Wilken
Erica Wolfe-Murray
Winson Yu



… and some more

Facilitators: Stephen Coles, Johannes Erler, Indra Kupferschmid, Kali Nikitas

The up-to-date speaker list on our website …