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Nugget Markets “Fresh to Market” July 23, 2009

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Featured Coupon

Save $2 on Sauza Tequila couponSave $2 on a 750ml bottle Sauza Tequila, used in our margarita recipe this week!

Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich

Save $1Put together a sweet and refreshing treat! Simply smear your favorite ice cream in between Nugget’s own fresh-baked oatmeal cookies, on sale in our ad this week. 18 ct. oatmeal cookies, $4.99 save $1.

Large Ripe Hawaiian Papayas


Save $1.49Cool off, stay hydrated and save this week with large, ripe, Hawaiian Papayas!

On sale this week, July 22 – 28 2/$5, Save 1.49 each.

Alba Skincare

Alba Skincare

Alba Hawaiian products help you care for your skin, making it luminous and healthy with tropical fruit and flower extracts, nourishing nut oils and organic aloe vera. This line can be found in the healthy living department at all Nugget stores.

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Fresh to Market
July 23, 2009
Volume 3, Issue 16

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Fresh to Market. Fresh to Market is a free, bi-weekly email publication of Nugget Market, Inc.

Keeping Cool

Featured Recipes: Cornmeal-Crusted Tilapia with Peach Tomato Relish

Cornmeal Crusted Tilapia

This recipe makes a great pair with our Margaritas (below).



Recipe: Serves 4

  • 4 ounces Sauza Tequila
  • 4 ounces Sauza Margarita Mix
  • 2 ounces Cointreau
  • Crushed ice to top of blender
  • Maldon’s Sea Salt

Place tequila, Sauza Margarita Mix, and Cointreau in a blender. Fill almost full with crushed ice; blend until very slushy.

Wet the rims of four margarita glasses with water and swirl in a small dish of Maldon’s Sea Salt. Divide margaritas evenly between glasses. Enjoy!

Sausa Margarita MixSauza Margarita Mix

Save $2When combined with any of the Sauza tequilas, this mix creates a delicious, authentic margarita mix.

Sauza Margarita Mix, on sale this week, July 22 – 28 Margarita Mix, $5.99 retail savings of $2

Health Notes with Dr. LizDr Liz

Keeping Cool

As you may have heard before, the human body is made up of more than 60 percent water. This means that staying hydrated during these warm summer days is even more important than usual, because your body cools off by sweating and in the process you lose fluids.

Here are a few tips for staying cool:

  • Keep fluids handy (bring jugs or bottles of water or other beverages with you) and aim for 10 to 12 glasses daily, depending upon your sweat rate and time spent outdoors.
  • All fluids hydrate, including plain water, sports drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, diet and regular sodas. Be aware of the calories in some of these beverages if you are managing your weight.
  • If you plan on working or playing outdoors during the day, be sure to take water breaks every 10 to 15 minutes. Also, stay in the shade when possible and drink cool fluids.
  • Don’t forget that fruits also hydrate – most fruits are at least 80% water! Tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya and mango make great cooling snacks – add to smoothies, fruit salads or float chunks in iced tea or lemonade for a tropical twist.

Liz Applegate, Ph.D.

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