Netflix explains its side of the deal with the Liberals. Followng a torrent of criticism, the company wants to clarify a few things, like how its announced $500-million deal consists of more than just spinning current spending. Quebec, where heritage minister Mélanie Joly, who brokered the deal, has taken the most heat, will get $25 million in "market development activities." Netflix also insists that it isn't trying to dodge Canadian taxes.

“It’s not meant to be a 1970s Times Square pornographic theatre.” Ari Goldkind offered this thought on X-rated videos being watched in public librariesan issue recently revived in Ottawa, after complaints about people viewing porn in front of children, which led to a policy change. But while some outlying GTA libraries have banned adult videos, a consensus against censorship prevails.

Kensington Market's suspected ghost hotel is now a ghost town. A graffiti-laden building that had multiple listings on Airbnb was shut down by the city after inspectors found renovations done without permits. (The listings for 38 Kensington Place were removed by Airbnb after a Toronto Star exposé.) While basking in the fact that the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation asked it for help, Airbnb continues to lobby for municipal support, with Facebook ads that bring on harsh comments.

East Side Motel awaits being regulated out of business. A bleak scene on Kingston Road is probed by the Scarborough Mirror. This surviving vestige of a motel strip remains home to 40 tenants who feel like they’re trapped. Monthly rent of up to $2,000 comes with an alleged $30 daily late fee. The city hopes to either buy the property, valued at $2.3-million, or follow through on expropriation.

Telecom providers can’t be forced to straighten curbside blight. Federal legislation that gives Bell and Rogers unfettered access to city streets seems to explain a growing blight that the city can’t do much about. Deadly nightshade swallowing one particular box on Warden Avenue might’ve been dealt with sooner if a corporate logo was on it.

Cuphead video game is becoming a secret Canadian sensation. The debut from Oakvile-based StudioMDHR is becoming an international sensation, without any government funding. (Rather, it was backed by Microsoft partway into its seven-year creation.) The hand-drawn 1930s-cartoon style of brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, is gaining momentum in part because of its high difficulty level.

Social inequality forum draws regret from all around. The organizers of a U of T social inequality panel pledge to make amends for not including enough non-white, non-male participants. One of the panellists, Hugh Segal of Massey College, continues to face fallout from an allegedly racist incident. The public editor of The Varsity chastised staff for initially failing to report that Segal was quite contrite when asked about recent events during the forum.

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York Regional Police charged a man with three counts of mischief to property after cars at Frankie Tomatto's restaurant were repeatedly covered with an oily liquid.

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