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We're halfway through 2016, yikes!

Lots of new surfaces rolling out of the studio recently, adding to the Charred Wood and Industrial Finishes categories, as well as some new items like Small Brown Grill Deck, Grey Sand Stucco, Textured Gold Green Metallic, and Light Grey Washed Oak.
Two of our favorite shots below

Also, check out the new Editorial Rate offer below! Or, find it later at How to Rent.

Lastly, the Joseph and Duncan at Surface Studio Photo/Video wishing you a Happy Fourth of July weekend! Reach out to them for your next summer project :)

Mokus, Joseph, and the Surface Studio team

PS. Reminder we are closed Monday for the holiday!

Gold Metallic Painted

New: Editorial Rate for 2016 

30% discount on all background, surface, set piece, and Food Friendly rentals for editorial shoots, wherever you shoot.

This rate can be only be used with the publications that we bill directly. 

For our billing purposes please be sure to reference this editorial rate and the publication and editor you are working with when placing an order.
Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you aren't sure if your shoot qualifies.

Want to ensure the editorial rate is applied to your future jobs or want to set up a direct billing account? Please send us an email so we can make sure your account with us is created and up to date!

Whitewashed Oak

Happy Fourth of July from

Surface Studio Photo/Video

In addition to our selection of hand-crafted rental items, we also offer a full range of professional still life and video imaging services for print, web, and TV. Shoot with us and enjoy unlimited access at an 80% discount to our backgrounds, set pieces, and tabletop accessories.

Happy Fourth of July!

Have a great weekend!