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Keeping High School Students on a Career Track in Mississippi

MIG welding at DeSoto County Career and Technology CenterShaping the lives and careers of young people is an exciting and often rewarding career. In Mississippi, the enthusiasm of students is driving updates to classrooms and equipment, encouraging young dreams of everything from underwater welding to art in the park. Find out what motivates students at DeSoto County Career and Technology Center.

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North Carolina School Celebrates 40 Years of Welding

Four decades of teaching students how to weld gives Vance Granville Community College (VGCC) the reputation in North Carolina as one of the best places in the state to learn the craft. And they don't intend to simply stand on their laurels. Learn what VGCC is doing next to keep its students on the learning track.

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A Weekend at Miller: Boy Scouts Grab Welding Merit Badge in Appleton

The Boy Scouts of America Welding Merit Badge released in February has quickly taken hold across the country. Thousands of young people, like the group who earned their badge in September at Miller manufacturing headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, have picked up a MIG gun or Plasma cutter under the supervision of welding pros. Learn how you can help Boy Scouts learn to weld and spark the next generation of welders.

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Training the Teacher

Coming up in July of 2013 Miller Training Systems will provide welding instructors with the opportunity to learn the latest equipment and process developments in the welding field.

The participants will also be able to review current training materials available from ITW Welding including materials include books, training aids, videos, computer and Internet-based programs. For more information on this class and all of the Miller Training Systems offerings download the brochure by clicking here.

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Miller Welding Projects Forum

What's your latest project? Did you see a project or technique that piqued your interest? Check out our project forum to post your favorite tips and tricks and learn about new ideas from other welders.

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Tell Us About Your School

Tell us what you're doing in the classroom so we can share your ideas with other educators. We want to know about you, your students, your curriculum and your classroom projects. Submit your school and watch for your school in the spotlight!

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Starter Pak from Miller Arc Armor®

Protoction Pak from Miller Arc Armor

Miller has convenient Starter Paks for students that contain all of the necessary Arc Armor welding safety items (helmet, gloves, safety glasses, jacket and tool bag) with up to a 10 percent cost savings when purchased as a pak. Or if they don't need the entire kit, students can check with the local welding distributor to see if they qualify for Miller's Educational Discount.

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Arc Armor Welding Gloves

Arc Armor Gloves

The Arc Armor line of affordable and durable gloves meet the demand of a welding classroom. Students like the comfort, fit and performance — and instructors like the durability — of Arc Armor.

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LPR 100 Half Mask Respirator

LPR 100 Half Mask

The new LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator with an exclusive patented low profile design to fit under most welding helmets. The LPR-100 protects the user while providing a wide field of vision and an unobstructed view for optimal safety and productivity.

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