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CFSTK News - November Twenty18

Big shouts to your Coaches.

Without these guys taking the time and effort you may as well be watching horse-racing while you’re on the treadmill.

If Coaches didn’t care, they wouldn’t do what they do.

Coaches want to help you learn to move better. They want to see you progress with Weighted movements and skills. They want to see you develop your character. 

To Aimie, Sarah, Heath, Em, Sam, Clay - from myself and all of the members at CFSTK - thank you for what you do.

HUB Necessities is a dedicated retail space at CrossFit StKilda.

We offer a selected range of training essentials for CrossFit athletes and everyday essentials for daily life and travel.

Training Brands include: Roo Grips, Goat Tape, Stance Socks, CFSTK Apparel,  ATP Science. Our lifestyle products are Baxter of California, Baiedo Incense, Wolf Pack Leather, WallPaper City Guides.

HUB Necessities is open to the public during scheduled session times and Saturday 9.00am-12.00pm.

ATP Supps

“ATP Science is not only on a different page than other health companies – we are in a different book!

Our moto is results not excuses – and we live by that rule for everything we do. We believe that in order to help people achieve whatever their health goals are we have to produce great products and back it up with great information in a way that people can understand and implement.

We believe we create “best in class” or unique products that no company in their right mind would create because to quote a venture capitalist we once spoke to “educating the market is business suicide”. Well – we did it. And yeah at first we were laughed at (and nearly went broke)…then we were ridiculed, then debated about and called “abstract” scientists and idiots and then finally (and this is when we knew we were making a dent in the market) other companies started copying us – and poorly mind you. You see we don’t use google keyword searches or marketing focus groups to create our products. We look at problems and then look at the means to solve that problem, without looking at what other people are doing. Doing this has led to 3 global patents in product category’s we believe are unique – a totally new class of product entirely – because we aren’t sheep – we don’t play follow the leader! We are a unicorn that makes its own path and helps people to get the results they deserve.”

ATP supplements are now available at HUB Necessities at CFSTK.

The CFSTK Anchor Cap is back.

Available in Black/Royal/Emerald

The ‘getting started heebee geebees’!

What we do isn’t so hard. There is no fuckery in how we mix WeightLifting, Gymnastics and Cardio.

But what can be tough is walking into a new space and taking that first nervous step.

I travel to overseas boxes every year and even as a brother gym owner sometimes I feel uncomfortable and out of place. So we know what you are going through.

Even recently I went and trained with a local Basebal team for the first time and I had no idea of my place within the group. It felt really weird, slightly intimidating but ultimately rewarding. Because I got to get in and feet started on something new.

And of course in the end it was all wasted energy as there were heaps of people looking out for me and helping me understand the drills, the language and the foreign protocols of the session.

If this sort of experience is stopping you from starting your training then know that when you start at CFSTK, your Caoches and fellow athletes are there to help you get started and find your way. Because we have all been there too!

Don’t put off making that start and missing out on all the good stuff that is guaranteed to follow.

Rather than us trying to convince you of what we do, come and join us for a Free Trial at any Wednesday session.

To book a free trial email: admin@crossfitstkilda.com

CFSTK Peeps.

The CFSTK Brand Pillars.

At CFSTK we have a set of brand pillars that define us as a gym and remind us of our core values.

We do us, no one else.

Programming that focuses on the foundations of movement incorporating new training methods and future needs.

A space for all people. Gracious in our wins and losses, no ego.


Come back and see us...

If you ever trained with us at CFSTK and had to stop training - we miss you. It’s as simple as that. We would much prefer to see you at CFSTK than not.

But we understand that life works in mysterious ways and often we just have to go with the flow.

As a ‘tear off the band-aid’ deal we would love to offer you 7days of CFSTK training to help get you back in the groove, feeling that buzz of a sweaty workout again and getting all of the benefits of the CFSTK way of life.

All you have to do is:

Email us at admin@crossfitstkilda.com with your name and the subject line “I’m in!” - turn up, sign in at reception and train. THATS IT!

Sound good?!

We cant wait to see you back at CFSTK.