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Book Party!

Join us this Thursday to celebrate the just published book about our neighborhood  "OUR TOWN - Best of the New Fillmore". Editors of the New Fillmore and authors of this wonderful new book, Thomas Reynolds and Barbara Kate Repa, will be on hand to sign your copy and pour you a glass of wine! 

"Through all of its changes, this neighborhood remains a wonderful place to live, with a rich history, a vibrant economy and many tales to tell. This volume brings together some favorites. With a little luck, there will be more. And so a toast: to what has been — and what is yet to come."
Thomas R. Reynolds & Barbara Kate Repa

In other news, the holidays are still coming and we have both shops brimming with the perfect gift!  Drop by and my crew and I will help you select that little something for everyone on the list. 

Cheers to all,



Meet local designer/silversmith Leslie Weaver - we are happy to be offering a small collection of her wonderfully organic designs


Just arrived from MOMO and the much desired Snake and Tentacle rings in all sizes!

Classic Mexican Designs in Silver

Lucsious silk scarves from Lao and Thailand

Handwoven baskets from Bali and Mexico; Opium weights from Burma 


Waterbuffalo horn pebbles w/pyrite