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Your Utah, Your Future Vision for 2050

Last week we announced the vision.
This week we're talking about what that vision is.

Below, you'll find a description of Utahns' vision for 2050—a description of what Utahns want the future to be like. There are four main components of that vision, and you can read about them below or at envisionutah.org.

There are also four implementation cornerstones—or clear packages of strategies—that will allow us to achieve this vision. We'll begin looking at those cornerstones next week. We invite you to follow along with us here or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. 

Utahns envision a future in which their state and communities are:

Safe, Secure, and Resilient

Utahns envision communities that are safe, close-knit, and family friendly, where good people create a great environment to raise children and enjoy life. They see a diverse and strong economy that is less vulnerable to disruptions, along with homes, buildings, infrastructure, and communities that can withstand a disaster. They envision producing a significant amount of their own food and energy, so they are more self-sufficient and less reliant on places outside of Utah.


Utahns envision a prosperous economy and thriving communities. They see plentiful, diverse jobs with high wages, which, combined with a low cost of living, allow Utahns to provide for their families and achieve a high quality of life. They envision a resilient economy that is able to compete in local, national, and global markets. To maintain a strong economy, Utahns believe that every person should have access to a good education so they can successfully contribute to that economy.

Neighborly, Fair, and Caring

Utahns envision a society that provides opportunities for everyone through high-quality education, a strong economy, and access to a variety of housing options in good, safe neighborhoods. They see a future where everyone is able to contribute to a better community.

Healthy, Beautiful, and Clean

Utahns envision a healthy future in which the air is clean year-round. They see a future with good access to nature and outdoor recreation so staying physically active is convenient and enjoyable. They envision themselves being good stewards of Utah’s air, water, and ecosystems so that Utah stays beautiful and clean as we balance all our needs. They also want fresh, locally grown foods for themselves and their families.