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Honey Badger Luscious Red 2016, Western Cape, South Africa

Here’s another recommendation for those enthusiasts who prefer a little bit of sweetness in their wine. Honey Badger is an off-dry, Shiraz-based blend that is perfect to enjoy on its own or with a wide range of spicy food which you might usually pair with beer. Experiment with this playful red and share it with your friends who ‘don’t like wine’. It’s best enjoyed slightly chilled.


Tasting Notes: Ripe cherry aromas are nicely accompanied by wafts of spice, chocolate and smoke on the nose. This medium-bodied and lusciously smooth red has sumptuous dark red fruit and mocha flavours that are rich and off-dry. The finish is fruity and very smooth with lingering flavours of chocolate and spice.

Enjoy With: Spicy barbecue, Tex-Mex, Teriyaki or chocolate.

Style: Medium-bodied, luscious and fruity.

Terroir/Region: The Western Cape of South Africa is a large appellation and encompasses most of the country’s top wine regions under the Wine of Origin classification system. The Western Cape has a wide variety of soil types and microclimates but is generally rather hot and well-known for producing ripe red wines from Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Producer: This wine is inspired by the aptly named South African Honey Badger whose love of honey and blatant disregard for stinging bees has turned this likeable critter into a popular internet hero. Luscious Red was developed for a growing market segment which enjoys wine that has a bit of sweetness to it. It is Integrity and Sustainability Certified by the South African Wine and Spirits Board.

Availability: Honey Badger Luscious Red 2016 is available year round in the South African section at the LCBO. The wine is on sale until March 26, with $1.00 off the regular price.

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Price: $9.95 (until March 26, regular price $10.95)

LCBO#: 322685

Size: 750 mL

Alcoholic Content: 13.0% alc./vol.