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TeachingEnglish Asia
British Council TeachingEnglish Asia Autumn 2018

Welcome to TeachingEnglish Asia

Welcome to our Autumn 2018 edition!

We have two great practical articles from our team in Singapore, the first looking at teaching our students how to read and understanding the reading process, and the second looks at how to make thinking visible

We also have updates on teacher training in Taiwan and Thailand.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and if you have any questions for us please email the TeachingEnglish Asia team.

News and events

From tailored approaches to internationally recognised courses

The British Council in Taiwan carry out a wide range of training activities. These include the internationally recognised Teach Young Leaners Extension Certificate, which provides teachers with the skills and knowledge to effectively and confidently teach 7 to 16 year old young learners.  They also design, develop and deliver customised training, like a recent course for Elementary and Junior High School teachers.

Find out more about these courses and what the teachers who attended thought.


The future for graduates of the Regional English Training Centres

The Regional English Training Centres (RETC) project may have come to an end but the future is bright for teachers across Thailand.   Teachers who attended an RETC have seen their teaching skills improve and their confidence in using English in the classroom increase.

The work of the project is also sustainable, thanks to the Thai Master Trainers, Regional supervisors and teachers who have been trained to keep the good work going. 

Find out more about the successes of this project and the future for the English teachers of Thailand.

  A teacher and child read a book together

Reading - How hard can it be, right?

Reading for pleasure is on the decline, and many students don't do any reading outside of school.

Leslie Davis, a Training Consultant from Singapore looks at how we need to understand the process of reading, in order to teach our students how to read, and how to love reading.

Leslie shares her thoughts and advice on teaching reading.

  A group of teenagers work together

Making Thinking Visible

You may have heard of 21st Century Skills, including Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication and Collaboration, but do you know how to teach them?

Martin Yakabuski, a Teacher Trainer from Singapore, talks about how we can support thinking in our classes and give our students useful structures and routines.  

Read about Martin's thoughts on making thinking visible.


Apply for the ELTons Awards

Applications for the ELTons, the British Council’s international awards for innovation in English language education, are now open.

Have you been involved in the production of new and original courses, publications, projects, apps, platforms and more in support of high quality English language education in the last two years?

The ELTons Awards are looking for the latest and most innovative resources to teach and learn English, across the full breadth of media (non-digital or digital) and from a wide variety of contexts worldwide. 

Find out more about how to apply and submit your innovation

  Two women look at a computer

Online courses - TeachingEnglish Training

Our online training courses and self-study modules form part of the Teaching for Success approach to Continuing Professional Development, offering flexible study options to meet your training and development needs.  

Exploring content and language integrated learning (CLIL) starts on 24 October and will help you to teach your subject more effectively in a second language.  

  Two people at a conference talk to each other

Upcoming conferences across the region

Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.


British Council Resources

Teaching English: If you missed our special World Teacher's Day webinars, looking at different areas of teaching and learning, all the recordings are available online.  Watch the Five on 5 webinar recordings

LearnEnglish:  If you teach beginners or elementary students they'll love our LearnEnglish video series, Starting Out, which comes with lots of fun and interactive tasks and activities.

LearnEnglish Kids:  Do you ever have parents coming to you asking you for advice on helping their kids learn English?  The Parents section of the LearnEnglish Kids website has lots of expert advice for parents who want to help their children learn English.

LearnEnglish Teens: The Science UK section of our LearnEnglish Teens website has a wide range of articles about science and research in the UK.  From self-repairing technology to what happens inside your brain while you read and listen to music, your students can read about it in our online science magazine, Cubed.

Events: Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.



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