Danforth shooting casts Greektown in a different light. Video of the 29-year-old shooter in action circulated with word that he killed two and injured 12, before the gunman himself ended up dead. The illuminated welcome sign arched over it:

“Patrisans need to make a choice—do we define ourselves by what we believe in or what we despise?” Andrew Potter’s thinkpiece for the Ottawa Citizen struck enough of a chord with environment minister Catherine McKenna to make her wonder out loud exactly she’s trying to achieve with Twitter.

Premier Doug Ford’s gift to city hall may help avoid the next @norm. Cutting the number of councillors couldn’t happen fast enough for some—a prospect accentuated by an overall lack of serious interest in challenging incumbents a week before the nomination deadline. Still, at least this guy has registered to run against Norm Kelly:

Drama still hovers over Rob Ford’s family home. CBC News found that the premier’s sister-in-law, Renata, took out a $195,000 second mortgage at 12.5 per cent interest while her $16.5-million lawsuit against Ford family members remains active. Meanwhile, the late mayor’s “crack confession tie” still can’t find a buyer at $9,999.

Today’s edition of 12­:­36 is brought to you by the Toronto Life Wine Club, which starts with three hard-to-obtain bottles from Niagara, each designed to complement the perfect summer. And then more wine comes your way every month.

Shazam! brings a Toronto location chuckle to Comic-Con. An off-brand corner store was in the first official look at the DC Comics movie—but the full trailer was saved for San Diego’s festival of geekdom. The scenery looks good for one laugh:

Dean Blundell promises that he won’t be fired for a transgender rant. Rogers Media determined that Winnipeg FM morning man Dave Wheeler’s comments about Scarlett Johansson withdrawing from the film Rub & Tug were the last straw after “multiple disciplinary incidents.” The story provided a platform for the jobless Toronto DJ synonymous with a similar style to assert how he’s changed:

Friends of Kensington Market deny division over Fairland Funhouse. A story from the Toronto Star suggests a rift over the revelation that a pop-up art maze in a former grocery store foreshadows a giant bar—but the area advocacy group believes all the locals are opposed to the concept of Liquor Donuts. The backers of the permanent venue have agreed to try and concoct a more agreeable plan.

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Colorado cannabis company LivWell is planning a series of deals that will bring Canada legal weed branded by Willie Nelson.

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